Pexda Review

Pexda Review

Ecommerce is regarded as the best avenue for earning passive income, which is why most people interested in earning from the internet space will work a website then complain about not making money online.

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The truth, however, is that despite the promise of a good revenue stream for e-commerce, what most people fail to mention is that you must have a profit-making site. Beyond an optimized website, you need to make sure that you have all the tools you need to create a successful and the most profitable online site.

Also, you need to make sure that you only have profitable and selling products on your site.

So, how do you find winning and also best-selling products? How do you know the bad products to avoid? How do you tell that the products you are interested in would have a high conversion rate, making your online retail business profitable?

Well, this is where Pexda comes in. And this is also the reason why you don’t have to stress yourself out too much when it comes to eCommerce. Thanks to Pexda, you don’t have to spend a lot of money looking for the best products or hiring someone else to do the hard work for you.

Pexda is the solution to all your problems around product search. If you know about eBay Dropshipping, Shopify, or Amazon, either through online research, information from your friends/ acquaintances, or firsthand experiences, then you could have heard about Pexda. This Pexda review will help you to know more about this amazing tool.

What is Pexda?

what is pexda

Pexda refers to the top-rated/ No.1 Product Hunt tool/ platform, which, as the name suggests, is a crucial e-commerce tool that boasts one of the most comprehensive databases for products, as well as all the marketing data you need to establish and grow your e-commerce business.

The best bit is that Pexda’s label says everything you need to know about using the platform.

Their label says it all – Stop Wasting Your Money on Bad Products. So, whether you have an e-commerce store setup with Shopify, Amazon, eBay, or just any other e-commerce platform, Pexda is a great resource to invest in.

This investment will take care of all the hard work for you, enhancing your potential earnings.

Thanks to Pexda, you won’t have to scour the internet for marketing data, go through all supplier sites, or even make ad compilations from scratch. Pexda offers a wealth of resources all on one online interface, making your work as an online retailer easier.

Overview – What to Expect from Pexda Review?

A leading product hunting platform, Pexda is designed exclusively for online retailers.

This platform sources product data from numerous sources based on the products’ performance data, meaning that you will know whether the products are worth investing in or not.

In addition to the huge product pool, Pexda also offers insightful marketing data on products and marketing, allowing you to have a look at the product’s performance to determine whether the product will perform well on your store not.

You will also obtain data on how the products in question are advertised on social media. The data offered by Pexda comes from Pexda’s ability to spy on different sites, collecting relevant product data, to help you run a successful online business.

Therefore, Pexda allows you to overcome the challenges associated with trying to find the winning products that would successfully sell, bringing in good passive returns.

Ordinarily, trying to find the best performing products for your online store without any professional help is a tough call, and more like finding a need in a thick haystack.

In this Pexda review I should say this tool eliminates all the hassle. You won’t have to spend days searching for the best products to sell on your site, and the favorite feature of this platform is that you won’t be forced to bet on the market, hoping that you made the right choice with the products you just introduced in your catalog.

On top of the absence of uncertainty about the products you just selected, the other perk of using Pexda comes in the form of money savings; you won’t waste thousands in fees paid to marketing professionals for them to find the best products for you.

Lastly, Pexda comes at a time when the market is saturated with opportunities to make money online, but it doesn’t confuse you or end up being a waste of money.

At a small monthly fee, Pexda allows you access to helpful steps on the creation of ad campaigns, you can create advert copies, target the right audience, create product videos, and most importantly, you will have access to detailed ad reports.

In essence, Pexda makes it possible for you to hunt and identify best-selling products in a few clicks, increasing your profits turnaround, while saving time, money, and energy, otherwise spent on bad products.

Now that you have a brief overview of what to expect from Pexda let’s take a deep dive into all the features of this ecommerce product database.Keep reading the Pexda review.

How to use Pexda

How to use Pexda| Pexda review

One of the uses of Pexda is in ecommerce. This means that you could use Pexda to obtain information about the best-selling product for you to sell on your Shopify Store. And if you are getting into the dropshipping business, In this Pexda review we recommend, Pexda is one of the best investments you will ever make.

Now to its use.

Well, Pexda is a fantastic tool that works like magic, and it has, as a result, received praise from different users because of its effects on sales and revenue generation.

One of the best features of Pexda is its effectiveness and how it always points you in the direction of the products with the biggest potential for sales. For you to enjoy the benefits of this tool, you only need to follow the simple rules provided and keep practicing.

Like every other tool, there is a slight learning curve that you must get used to. But once you figure out how to use it, you will enjoy immense benefits.

Usage begins after subscription and launch. Once you’ve launched it, go to the dashboard’s right-hand side and then click the text field called Niches. The niches available include family, sports, vehicles, kitchen materials, electrical appliances, and home décor, among others.

Click on Niches, and from the drop-down menu that appears and the listed product niche categories, select the product(s) you desire. Since the winning products’ list is updated regularly, you don’t have to worry about an outdated list. Just refresh the page for the recent list of products.

Besides the niches’ selection option, Pexda also allows product categorization based on the filters you use, for example, the newest products or even the products with the highest number of orders.

The other information offered includes Facebook Ads, Facebook Ad-Share, Facebook Ad-Likes, and also the Facebook Ad-Reactions for the products you are interested in.

Your Pexda product hunting tool also allows the use of the filter tool, whose primary role is the enhancement of your search results in your search for winning products. It will also breakdown products based on the kind of filter you use.

While you need to pay to enjoy all the features of this tool, the good news is that there is a free version that gives you the lay of the land (interface) to determine how it works and how it will help you.

However, some of the features and products are locked in the free version, especially the hot in demand and the exclusive products.

These products would only be accessible to the subscribed members – members with a subscription to premium and members plans. Regarding the subscriptions, the good news is that you get to choose the plan that best suits your budget only.

pexda review

Features of Pexda (Pexda Review)

1. Huge Product Database

Pexda prides itself on being the leading ecommerce platform that gives online retailers access to the largest product database. Which is why the product database is easily the biggest winning feature of Pexda.

Pexda’s product database includes large product categories, which include current hot-sellers or, rather, the products with the highest conversion rates, meaning that all buyers have the chance of investing in the best-selling products.

Besides current big sellers, Pexda also takes advantage of big data and predictive data analysis by offering its users the unique opportunity of choosing the products that are expected to be big sellers, soon.

As a result of these options, you will have access to a complete collection of all the products that are worth investing in either today or in the future.  These options save you time by saving you from the hassle of searching for the best products for your site manually.

In addition to the remarkable range of products that you could choose from, the other impressive feature of Pexda when it comes to the products’ database is that the database is continuously updated, and there are new promising products for your target audience just about every day.

As a result, you will be able to stay ahead of the curve by buying and selling products whose potential hasn’t been tapped into by others, yet. But access to variety isn’t the only great part of this platform, the other thing you may like is its easy-to-use interface.

The Pexda platform comes in a grid layout that shows the details of each product presented using high-quality product images, the number of orders already placed for the product, the number of days the product has been listed for, as well as some additional information on whether the product holds a great untapped potential or not.

You can learn a lot more about the listed products by clicking on the listed products. There are categories and subcategories for you to work with and find the best products from.

2. Specific Search Tools

Pexda Review

Pexda makes the search for the best products an intuitive process thanks to its search tools.

These search tools promise to refine your search, and they also come in handy because trying to find the best products or the right audience in the Pexda database would be a very overwhelming process. These tools include:

  1. Niches Filter works best when you have a niche store and are looking for specific products or if you are searching for trending products.
  2. Sort Function which helps you find the hottest products
  3. Metrics from Facebook Ads such as shares, likes, reactions, and comments

3. Comprehensive guides on Ad Insights and also Proven Ad Copies

While I’m writing this Pexda review, There are millions of Facebook ads running all over the world.Pexda trying to identify those ads.

In addition to the huge products database, you may also like Pexda because it allows all its members access to comprehensive Ads insights for the products they are interested in, and you may also like the fact that the Ad copies offered are tried, tested, and proven to work.

Every Ad copy you come across has been well-tested by Pexda’s professional team, as well as top product marketers. You may also like how this ad option allows you to preview the actual ad copy for each product along with their detail specifications before you make up your mind about that product.

The information provided in the ads includes the product videos, product images, text copies (exact), as well as the products’ statistics like the number of likes for the products, total shares, ad views generated, and the comments collected by the product.

You may also like the fact that you will have access to the links leading you to the actual ad copies.

4. Product Descriptions and Product Videos

Descriptions and Product Videos| pexda review

Pexda further understands that not every online retailer is a naturally talented writer or with the money to pay writers. It’s also aware that marketing online products require a specific type of written copy made of engaging content for the product descriptions.

With this in mind, Pexda offers simple but essential descriptions for all the products in their catalog. By going into all this trouble, the team at Pexda saves you a significant amount of time and money, and you get to dedicate these resources to the actual selling of products.

To use the product descriptions provided, go to the product’s page from the database, and then copy the product’s description that appears below the image. Thanks to this content, you will have an easy time creating engaging ad copies for your store.

And since all the products come with free videos, you could use the video content to promote your products on Facebook and any other platform you are selling from. Note, however, that you need to confirm that the video you are using is not someone else.

Otherwise, your Facebook Ad account could be banned for copyright infringement. The good news is that Pexda’s members have permission to use the videos on the site.

As a Pexda review reader, you should need to know that product pages have high huge part of conversions.

5. Peek into untapped, yet potentially winning products

The other impressive feature of Pexda is its function allowing the subscribers to access the products that promise an excellent potential for being best-sellers.The data that gives birth to such lists is collected from the data by the people who search for the trending products on the marketplace.

To ensure that the products recommended have actual potential, this platform will help you identify the best marketplaces from where you will figure out the best and hot-selling products that you could invest in.

6. Supplier Information

Along with the product information, you will also receive a substantial amount of information about the suppliers you could go into business with. Supplier information available includes votes, shipping, feedback, costs, and overall experience.

7. Competitor Facebook Ads Specifically for Comparisons

While the process of creating engaging and converting Facebook Ads is a chore, Pexda ensures that the same is not the case as it gives you access to the most engaging Facebook Ads, based on the performance of the ads.

You could also draw inspiration from the ads copy to create your own ads, without having to do any of the hard work of content creation. Some of the data you could use include the reactions, likes, shares, and comments.

You will also have access to the product profit metrics by looking at data on the cost of the products, selling price, shipping costs, CPA, net profits, and the profit margins recorded.

8. A bigger range of Target Audience and the promise of bigger returns

The other distinct feature offered by Pexda is its function and ability to offer its members access to one of the biggest possible target audience selection. Pexda runs tests on the products available on the platform with the use of Facebook Ads, as well as the analysis of Shopify store owners, hence the wide range of target audiences.

The listed audiences have been tested by professionals, and they are trusted by experts.

9. Reporting

In this Pexda review, I would say, Pexda offers some of the most impressive reporting features. They include:

  • Reports collected from other stores that sell the products
  • To ensure that you have access to the best-selling and winning list of products, Pexda is created to provide a comprehensive report from different stores that sell the product.
  • One of the sources of the data you seek is the geographical location that the product is used, as well as the device that the product was used/purchased with. The best part is that you get to incorporate Pexda with your ecommerce site, where the features of the tool will simplify your search.

There are also plugins you could incorporate to refine your search.

Thanks to these setups, you will save time and searching for the best products. Note that some of the unique hunting tools leveraged by Pexda include eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress.

10. Pexda’s Chrome Extension

There is also the Pexda extension on Chrome, which enhances your search for the best products by hunting for sponsored ads; specifically, Facebook sponsored ads. By targeting ads, you will have an idea of which products are to offer the most valuable interest to you.

11. Customer Support

reliable customer support team| pexda review

As an Unbiased Pexda review,I like to thank Pexda customer support team. Like other online product hunting tools, Pexda features a reliable customer support team that gives members maximum attention, as well as the swiftest of responses. The impressive part is that you can speak to the support teams of the product suppliers from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

All you have to do it to set up simple product videos.

12. Target Suggestion of AliExpress

The other impressive feature of Pexda is its target suggestion function, which allows you access to a wide database or robust data. You can use the data offers to learn more and everything about all your targeted/ winning products on AliExpress.

13. Automatic Hunt

The other impressive feature offered by Pexda is its automatic hunt function. This feature leverages the power of the most advanced technologies to facilitate your hunt for the winning and the most profitable products. You won’t have to stress yourself out, just click away!

Check below Pexda review of the ultimate package.

Benefits -Pexda Review

In this Pexda review lets talk about Some of the unique features and benefits of Pexda include:

  • This tool gives its members access to the best winning products, daily
  • It guides its members on how to bring more sales to their online store
  • Members get access to the proven ways of using Facebook Ad Copy for product/ business analysis
  • It facilitates the discovery of hot, best-selling products, even before your competitors are aware of the products
  • It adds to the members’ best-selling products’ lists daily
  • It offers comprehensive Amazon and AliExpress reports for products.
  • Pricing

Pexda’s subscription plan is three-tiered.

There is the Standard, Premium, and the Ultimate Plans priced at an undiscounted price of $14.95/month, $49.95/month, and $199.95/month, respectively.  Note that there is a 14-day trial period provided, but it is not free, and you have to pay $1.95 for the 14-days trial period.

In this Pexda review lets talk about Pros and Cons :


  • Fairly good investment
  • Affordable pricing
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Many insights provided about the products’ choice
  • It allows you to hunt down as many best-selling products as possible
  • Audience breakdown provided


  • They don’t add new products as frequently as you’d hope
  • No video tutorials or webinars
  • Trial period is not free

Conclusion – Is Pexda Worth Your Money?

Overall in this pexda review, we need to ask the above question. YES. Pexda is one of the most comprehensive product databases/ hunting platforms on the ecommerce platform, and it has a lot to offer to all its users.

There is a huge product range for you to choose from, the platform is quite intuitive, and you can hunt for specific products with ease thanks to all the tools provided. So, while you have to learn everything by yourself, this platform is well worth your money.

Thank you for reading my Pexda Review. See You Again!

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