Jungle Scout Vs. Viral Launch

 Jungle Scout and Viral Launch are, without a doubt, the heavy giants when it comes to the best Amazon product research tools. And if you are interested in running the most successful Amazon fulfillment or even the best dropshipping business, then you must be ready to research and invest in the best tools for product research.

But which of these two product research tools is the best product research tool for you? What sets these two tools the best, and what sets them apart from each other?

Are they suitable for different users, and who’s better for which kind of online entrepreneur? Well, the answers to these questions will be provided at the end of this product comparison.

But before we look at these two tools and their differences, it’s important to beware of the fact that the product research tool (s) you settle on should offer all the important functionalities needed for comprehensive and accurate product research and analysis.

Remember that when you are looking for a source of passive revenue online, Amazon is an excellent place to start. Also, in as much as the idea of allowing a tool to run things and analyze your market for you, you need the right combination of product research tools, product research, and marketing strategies for your success in the Amazon FBA business.

And with the right product research tool, your potential of earning a good income from Amazon will more or less double the earnings you’d make without the right tools.

To help you determine which of these two product research tools are the best for you, we’ll first analyze the features of each product research tool, and then look at how their features compare.

So, let’s jump right into it.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an excellent product research tool, and you could think of it as a minefield of information with regards to how easy and fast it allows you to search for the most profitable Amazon products.

For the most part, Jungle Scout is recommended for all online retailers interested in or already selling different products on Amazon.

But it’s especially helpful to all the individuals who are interested in importing products from international markets such as China, as well as the ones planning to add private label products to their product catalogs for reselling through Amazon FBA or any other kind of fulfillment program.

Among other reasons, Jungle Scout is popular among online retailers because it holds great potential for making money by helping you identify the most profitable products online.

Besides increasing your earning potential by helping you find the right products, Jungle Scout will also save you money, and you will not lose money unnecessarily by selecting the wrong products.

How does it do all this?

Among other features, the first thing that stands out from Jungle Scout is that it comes in two different forms, and you could use it as a web app or as a Chrome browser extension. These are excellent options for you, whether you are looking for products for dropshipping or for your Amazon FBA business.

The web-based app and the Chrome browser extension are affordably priced, and they offer all you could ask for in a product research tool. Jungle Scout’s web application enhances your ability to identify and to search for the products with the highest potential.

On the other hand, there is the Chrome extension that works well in your search for all the products you find on the web application, guiding you, in the process, to find the best-selling product.

So, what is the main difference between these two?

1. Jungle Scout’s Browser Extension

Jungle Scout

This browser extension works with the Chrome browser, obviously, which means that you must have the Chrome browser if you wish to use this extension. With the browser extension, go to the Amazon website then search for the specific product category you’re interested in searching for or analyzing.

You could also use the Chrome extension load up and check out what your competitors are doing and analyzing. The best part about this browser extension has to be the fact that you won’t be forced to manually go through each listing after the other since it will list all the details of your listings on one page.

You will receive all the essential products information needed, including the product’s the rank, price, and brand of the products you are interested in on one page. The extension comes in two plans – Pro and Lite.

The Pro version offers considerably more features about the products you are interested in, and thanks to the extra columns, you will learn everything about all the products you wish to sell / advertise on Amazon, as well as the private label businesses.

One of the best features of the Pro plan is that it comes with an item weight column, which makes it possible for the fast analysis of product weight, while also allowing you to analyze product niches to identify the best, low-competition, high demand niches.

2. Jungle Scout’s Web-based Application

For you to gain access of the web application, first, pay your subscription and then log into your Jungle Scout account. Once you’ve logged in, here are the features you will enjoy:

1. The Product Tracker

The Product Tracker

The product is the first feature you’ll notice after you’ve logged into your Jungle Scout account.

Now, while the plans offered in the web app are three-tiered, meaning that some features will not be found in other plans, the best part about the web app is that this product tracker function is available in all the plans.

Using the Product Tracker, you will be able to track the average product prices, the average products’ rank, the average number of units sold daily, and also the average revenue earned from the products daily.

More information offered by the product tracker includes the daily data trends, sales for each product, valuable product information, average ratings, and weight for the products, and all other valuable Amazon product information.

2. Product database

The other snazzy feature of Jungle Scout’s web application is its huge product database, which gives you access to comprehensive product data for different products. You may also like how you can configure this web application with the chrome extension to run deep product analysis.

The product database will give you access to important information about the products you are interested in from the product category and the price to the estimate sales tab which allows you to determine the average/ minimum number of sales to indicate whether the product sells or not.

The database also features reviews, product weight, and all the other information you may need about the products if you are interested in selling online. Remember that the search for all that information about different products would, otherwise, take a very long time without this tool.

3. Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout Vs. Viral Launch


The third feature on the Jungle Scout web app dashboard is the Niche Hunter, a function only present in the standard or business subscription plans, but designed to offer all the important filters you need in your search for the best products.

Some of the functions of this Niche Hunter include average demand, average price, opportunity score (this function offers insights into competition, demand, and the products’ listing quality; all necessary in improving your chances of finding the best-selling products), the competition sorting function, and the LQS (listing quality score) function which gives insights into how to find the products with the highest conversion rates by taking into account keywords, titles, bullet points, photos, and the products’ description.

Unfortunately, the niche hunter makes it easy for you to analyze different product niches instead of the individual or specific products and listings. Also, this feature is missing from the cheapest plan.

The other functions offered by on the Jungle Scout web app include Launch  (for launching and promoting new Amazon products), the Supplier Database (offers a list of the best suppliers from across the world), the opportunity finder (to help you identify the most profitable niches, the ones with high demand and low competition), and the Keyword Scout (which guides you on how to find the best keywords to promote your products with).

There is also a keyword rank tracker, which makes it easy for the tracking of different organic product searches for several products, using a number of selected keywords and through the analysis of historical search ranks, launch performance, or listing optimization, while also importing the saved keywords from the other function, Keyword Scout.

The sales analytics and the alerts functions are also great winners offered by Jungle Scout.

4. Pricing

 Viral Launch pricing

The two options of Jungle Scout are priced differently, with the Pro and Lite versions of the Jungle Scout Chrome extension going for $197 (one off payment) and $97, each.

The web-based app, on the other hand, comes in three plans starting from $24/month (Startup), $40/month (Standard), and $60/month (Business).

Viral Launch

Jungle Scout Vs. Viral Launch

This too offers great tools for product research too. They include:

1. Product Search Tool

Viral Launch represents the other top-rated product research tool for online businesses.

It features some of the best research tools that could enhance your ability to run one of the most successful Amazon FBA business. Some of the main features offered by Viral Launch include the keyword research tool, the listing optimizer, as well as the tips and the strategies you need to implement for your success in product photography.

Here are some of the most important features offered by Viral Launch:

2. Product Discovery

Viral Launch’s product discovery tool is one of the most important features since it offers comprehensive product search detail, the same way as Jungle Scout.

The Product Discovery function gives you insights into the details of the product, such as the maximum, as well as the minimum product sales, product revenue, review and price count, as well as all the other important product categories you need in your search for the best products.

You could also use this function to identify the filters of different products, including the net profit, the investment costs, the net profits, average profit margins, all when you are starting your ecommerce business. You will also gain insights into sales change details, allowing you to gain deeper insights into market data.

3. Market Intelligence Tool

This tool has a function which allows easy processing of comprehensive real-time data, as well as historical product data, meaning that you will be at a position to define new sales trend while also generating statistical correlations.

How? Viral Launch makes use of a rather complex algorithm designed to cut out all the underwhelming products from Amazon, making it possible for you only to source the best-selling products in your catalog.

The algorithm is also effective in the estimation of sales, as well as the validation or the invalidation of net product sales and ideas based on the scoring of the product ideas.

Using the product score, a product with the rating of 5 would perform well on the market while the lower-rated products wouldn’t perform that well.

There is a Chrome browser extension and a web app for you to choose from.

3. Keyword Research

Viral Launch reaserch tool

This keyword research function works a lot like product discovery as it allows you to easily search for the right products or keywords by evaluating different and unique markets.

This research tool makes use of the accurate reverse-ASIN-method, where you will be able to find all your top competitors, specifically the ones selling similar products as you.

These keyword research tools give you access to all the best top as well as the underperforming keywords, as you also learn to analyze and then track keyword indexation, sponsored ads, keyword ranks, price, search volume, sales, reviews, notifications, and sales, among other features.

Market Intelligence – this is equivalent to Jungle Scout’s Niche Hunter tool

4. Pricing

Viral Launch pricing vs jungle scout pricing

This product research tool comes with four pricing plans from the beginner Research Kit that for $49.17/month to the product research tool’s Pro Seller plan for $82.50 each month, Brand Builder for $124.17, and finally, the premium Data Hunter subscription plan going for a monthly rate of $332.50.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout or Viral Launch?

Well, despite Jungle Scout and Viral Launch being the heavyweights in the world of ecommerce product research tools, they have excellent features that are all amazing in their own unique rights.

These two product research tools have different features, but they also have a lot in common.

Now, while Viral Launch doesn’t appear as the big winner at first glance of its features, its product discovery features, as well as the data mining functions are more in-depth, the Chrome extension is part of the web packages, and it provides more options for robust active monitoring.

Regarding the pricing, however, Jungle Scout is cheaper, and the dashboard offers more functions for product research. To choose between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch, we recommend looking at the features offered against your product search needs.

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