Jungle Scout Review

 The online space is full of an unprecedented number of opportunities, including ecommerce fulfillment and dropshipping. There are several other opportunities, but these two, if done right, could turn out to be your biggest passive income earners.

Today, we focus on these online opportunities and what you need to do to run a successful dropshipping or Amazon FBA business. But first, it’s important to note that dropshipping is different from ecommerce fulfillment (by Amazon, eBay, or any other ecommerce platforms) in that you never have to handle the products you are marketing and selling to your customers.

The similarity of the two, however, includes the fact that you must invest in the best tools for you to make the most out of either venture. To make the most out of dropshipping and ecommerce fulfillment businesses, you have to invest in the best tools. One such tool is Jungle Scout.

Whether you are interested in dropshipping, Amazon FBA, or other ecommerce fulfillment businesses, Jungle Scout will help you get started and run things in the right direction.

Essentially, if you have been stuck with the idea of selling products from your online store without handling the products while making sure that your product and supplier selections are the best, then we’ve got you covered.

Thanks to Jungle Scout, you will learn how to go about different aspects of your online business, while avoiding some of the common missteps. How? If you are unsure about what you are going to sell on Amazon or even your Shopify store, we’ll help you get started right.

We understand that your search for the best products to sell may not be as easy, and should you settle for the low-priced items, then you will only end up in a deep competitive pool that leaves your products buried deep in the murky pool of search results.

At the same time, if you choose to sell products that are regarded as too ‘nichey’ or too specialized, then you may not have enough customers who’d support your online business. Confusing, huh?

Well, don’t be stressed out, because we are here to help you get started right by identifying the right mix of low competition and high demand products. Jungle Scout makes it all possible.

What is Jungle Scout?

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout refers to the top-rated Amazon research tool which comes in handy in your search for winning products to sell on your ecommerce site, keywords research, and sales estimations.

You could also use this tool to spy on your competitors, not only identifying what they are selling fast and profiting from but also learning where you need to dedicate your efforts and things that you could adopt to ensure the success of your online retail business.

The best bit is that Jungle Scout allows you to do all that from one dashboard that’s easy to use and navigate. Thanks to the effectiveness of this tool, Jungle Scout is regarded as the standard against which all the other Amazon product research tools are judged.

This web-based ecommerce tool makes it possible for you to make the most informed decisions about the products you should be selling on Amazon.

Jungle Scout makes use of metrics collected from Amazon to give you an idea about a product’s estimated sales numbers, as well as its rank opportunity. Some of these metrics include the products’ best-seller rank or the number of views for the product.

To ensure enhanced functionality, Jungle Scout is available as a web-based application, and also as a browser extension. With these options, you will have a quick and also a very detailed analysis of the page’s results whenever you are running a search on Amazon.

Before we review Jungle Scout’s top features, how about we take a look at some of the things you need to know before you start selling on Amazon; specifically, how to find and select the most profitable products for you to sell.

How Will Jungle Scout Help You?

1. Working with product categories that aren’t overly saturated

While Amazon remains to be one of the most competitive places for anyone to sell, and also why you need intuitive and robust tools such as Jungle Scout, you need to be careful about the products you choose to sell.

For example, you don’t want to make the mistake of seeing a big number of sales for a product for you to choose it, all while going with the assumption that you can get in on the action too.

The reason why you need to avoid this pitfall has to do with the fact that the oversaturated product categories, the ones with hundreds or even thousands of competitors, all across different spectra of both high and low-priced items, do not offer the earning opportunities you’d want.

But using Jungle Scout, you will be able to identify the best product categories for you.

2. Working with the product categories boasting a consistent demand

Even with the best innovations, you need to make sure that whatever you are putting out there is something other people would be willing to buy; otherwise, your efforts will not amount to much.

In other words, the products you choose to put on the market should be the ones that sell because they are on demand. So, make sure that the systems you create allow people to buy the product or products like yours.

Failure to do that would leave you with high-quality products that no one wants to buy. Again, using JungleScout, you will be able to determine the best products to sell by having an idea of the products that are selling well on Amazon.

3. Special/ Unique Benefits

Jungle Scout Unique Benefits

The other consideration you need to keep in mind as you search for the best products to sell on Amazon is the unique benefits that are brought about by the products you are selling. Once you identify the unique benefits, you will have set yourself apart from the competitors in the easiest of ways ever.

Note that for this to happen, you must be willing to avoid the generic ‘Me Too’ products.

By using the unique benefit approach, your only battle will be based on prices, and this would make things tough, especially if you are going to sustain profits for the long-term.

The good news is that Jungle Scout makes this possible by allowing you to focus on the data points collected from Amazon, in a bid to determine the uniqueness of products. The analytical function of Jungle Scout makes this possible.

Now that you know about the unique ways you could use the Jungle Scout app, here are the top features that make Jungle Scout the best tool for product research on Amazon.

Features of Jungle Scout

1. Two Functional Options

Jungle Scout comes in two main forms, as mentioned above. There are the web-based application and the browser extension. You can use either by signing into the web application.

Note, however, that out of the two options, the Chrome extension is the best option out of the two since it will give you direct and immediate access to the product numbers you need as you research the best products for you to sell.

While you could have both options, the catch is that you will have to buy the two as separate tools – odd! But that’s just how it is. So, how different are these two access options for Jungle Scout?

A look at the pricing of Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension, which is available in Pro and Lite versions, reveals that once you buy either version, you will have lifetime access to the extension.

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pro is more popular than the Lite version, and it costs $197 against $97 for the Lite version. The good news is that this is a one-off payment. The reason for this is that the Pro version gives you access to many more essential product search features.

In addition to the Monthly sales/ Revenue, ratings and reviews tracking, and the category/ seller ranking functions offered in the Lite plan, the Pro version offers the following additional features/ functions:

  • FBA fee Estimator
  • Web App Integration
  • Product Profit Calculator
  • Product Opportunity Store

These additional features may not seem like much when you are starting out, but once you start using them, you learn that they are critical for the success of your business.

The features of the Chrome extension are easy to use, it’s convenient, and it works very well when you are browsing through Amazon. Using the + sign, you get to add products to your product tracker quickly.

It also gives you access to an easy-to-read/ decipher summary at the top of the dashboard, and you can use the numbers displayed to learn everything you need to know about that product from its opportunity score, average price, and a number of sales, to the products’ overall demand, as well as competition.

2. Web App’s Pricing

Jungle Scout pricing

If you prefer the web-based application, you will be happy with the fact that the plans are subscription-based, and you get to pay for the service on a monthly or an annual basis. There are three plans for you to choose from.

They are tiered to match the needs of different users from startups to successful online businesses. These plans include the Entrepreneur, Growing Business, and the High-Volume Seller Plans priced at $39/month, $69/month, and $99/month, respectively.

The Growing Business Plans is the most popular plan, and it offers access to 3 users.

The features enjoyed by the subscribers of the Growing Business plan include tracking for a maximum of 80 products, access to a huge products’ database, a product tracker, Keyword Scout, and the Niche Hunter.

The difference between this plan and the other two, besides the price, include the products’ tracking (up to 40 products for the Entrepreneur plan and 150 for the High-Volume seller), the number of users per account (1 for Entrepreneur and 6 for High-Volume Seller), and lastly, the Entrepreneur plan lacks the Niche Hunter feature.

These differences are the biggest reason why we’d recommend the Growing Business Plan – Essentially, it offers everything you need. Now that you know how much you need to get started with Jungle Scout, here are the main features offered and the benefits of each.

The other pricing element you should be aware of is the fact that the cost of the products/ services you get will vary depending on the number of your total confirmed orders, but the payment you make for the extension will not change.

Top Features

1. Keyword Scout

Web App keyword search

An excellent feature of Jungle Scout is the Keywords function, which comes as a Keywords tab. The Keywords function works more or less like the Long Tail Pro tool that’s offered by Amazon Keywords.

Essentially, this function allows you to identify the best keywords that you could use to optimize your products. It also guides your search for the next best products to have in your online store.

You may also like how easy it is to use this tool. To get started, you need to input the primary/ seed keyword. As soon as you are done, the Keyword function will pull up all the related keywords for your review.

The other good thing about this function is that most of the fields that come up are more or less self-explanatory. Terms like the exact match search volume are nothing more than the representation of the number of times someone searches a phrase in the past 30 days while the broad search match features some of the slightest but important keywords variations such as misspellings and plurals.

The Keywords tool also comes with a 3-column feature that’s designed to show you the PPC (pay-per-click) cost of running sponsored ads using the terms you get from Amazon.

Finally, you will also get the chance to use the Jungle Scout Keywords function to create different listings for words, making it easy for you to sort through the mess as you try to identify related keywords instead of having to work on one huge list.

Some of the uses of the columns created include the creation of recommended giveaways. Some of the other advantages of using the Keyword Scout include:

  • You will have access to the niche keywords; these are the keywords that are used by real shoppers on Amazon.
  • You will learn more about the demand for certain keywords
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of keyword relevancy
  • It helps you determine the best budget for research, and it will also save you some bucks on the PPC campaigns.
  • You get to rank products for tough keywords faster.

Keyword Scout is based on real demands created within the Jungle Scout community, as well as other sellers.

Relevancy Score

Here, you will be looking at the relevance of a given term, in relation to the terms used in your original search. Note, however, that this column is not very important if you already know the niche or the products you wish to target.

Don’t overlook it though – it may introduce terms, slang, or synonyms others (and you) are not very familiar with.

Easy to Rank (and Keyword Difficulty)

Jungle Scout boasts another high-value algorithm that works a lot like the opportunity Score.

With the Easy to Rank function, product numbers close to 100 mean that the product will be easier to rank. However, you should know that numbers whose score is at 100 will be very hard to rank, while a rank of 10 means that the product is fairly easy to rank.

2. Niche Hunter

Jungle Scout Review

One of the best features offered by Jungle Scout is the Niche Hunter. This is an intuitive feature that allows you to easily set up different parameters, including the product categories you are interested in, the average prices, and the average number of product sales, among other features.

Essentially, the Niche Hunter allows you to identify the biggest product opportunities available on Amazon. The only catch is that you will need a lot of brainpower for you to decipher the meaning of the results obtained using the Niche Hunter.

Also, you need to focus on the keywords that are not brand-specific. Some of the search options offered by the Niche Hunter include:

  • Average Price – as the name suggests, this is the function that gives you the details of the average price for the top 10 listed products when you run your keyword search on Amazon.
  • Average Units Sold – this function breaks down the details of the top-10 products obtained from your search of the average prices and tells you the average number of product units that each listed product sold in the past 30 days. According to Jungle Scout, the outliers will be left out from the results offered. To find the healthy numbers, Jungle Scout color codes the results, and the green section is the healthy bit of the results.
  • Product Competition – competition is an important function to be considered when you are looking for the best products to sell on Amazon. With this in mind, Jungle Scout lists the products on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the products with the lowest level of competition and 10 as the most competitive products. Essentially, you want the least competitive products because if page of 1 of your search results features products with the smallest number of reviews, then it theoretically means that these products rank quickly and they are a good choice, compared to the page 1 products with thousands or even hundreds of reviews.
  • LSQ (Listing Quality Score) – This score refers to Jungle Scout’s listing system, which tells you how good or well the 10 top-rated products are optimized. For this score, Jungle Scout looks at elements such as the number of images for a product, the length and the relevance of the product descriptions, the keywords used in the product title, the length of the bullet points, and all other search engine optimization features used on the products’ page. From Jungle Scout’s data, the products with an LSQ not exceeding 3 have a very poor listing quality while the products with an LSQ above 7 are high-quality listings that you’d want in your store. But even with the high-quality of the listings, you need to identify the ways of making those products standout.
  • Opportunity Score – the other unique feature offered by Jungle Scout to users looking for the best product niches is the opportunity score. This function represents the summary of all the metrics covered above. Products with an opportunity score of 10 have a great opportunity, but if the products you choose have an opportunity score of 0, then you might want to begin your search for new ideas. At the end of the day, you should be looking for products with the highest demand.


3. Product Trackertrack your product

This function what its name says – it makes it possible for you to track the performance of products over. But you could also use it to create product groups, and you could also use it to track the averages of all similar/ like products.

4. Products Database

The other impressive feature offered by Jungle Scout is access to its massive products database that allows you to filter and run searches for virtually all the listed Amazon products.

This database boasts thousands of product listings, and you get to use different product criteria to narrow down your search lists, depending on what you are looking for.

While most people overlook the product database, you shouldn’t make the same mistake because it comes with important features and functions such as the details on the international marketplaces, the profits calculator, fees, and product ranking, among others.

Conclusion – Is Jungle Scout Worth It?

Yes. This tool is the most important tool for anyone getting into dropshipping or Amazon FBA.

It’s designed to save you days, if not long hours of research. Jungle Scout will identify the best products for you to sell, and it will also show you which terms you need to be using to optimize your listings as you obtain a comprehensive search history of your sales data to make the most informed business decisions.

You may also like it because it allows you to run PPC budget estimates, and you also get to explore different niches fast. So, while the price might be higher than what you’d pay for other products, you will receive full value for your money.

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