The Ultimate Guide On How to Use and Post on Reddit

With the rise of the internet and technology, we’ve witnessed the rise of an enormous number of different popular sites and apps. The popularity of some lasted just for a little bit; others managed to remain consistent and even develop their communities. One of them is Reddit.

What Is Reddit?

If you google Reddit, you’ll see its nickname is “The Front Page of the Internet.” Why is that so?

In a few words, Reddit is an online network that can gather content from different resources. People can discuss, rate, and share content, making it an automated market place of ideas.

Reddit is a contraction of Read It, which already tells you about the type of the network. The content you will see on the front page is already discussed by thousands of users, so basically, it’s the gateway to everything interesting going on in the world. Checking the front page of Reddit is checking the front page of a newspaper except that it’s interactive, personalized, and participatory.

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how to post on reddit

How Does Work? And How to Post On reddit?

Even though Reddit does not have editors running the site, it functions pretty well due to its options. What are they?

How to Post on Reddit or… Wait, What About Subreddits?

There is no way of finding things on Reddit. Except for directly searching for a Subreddit. And if you want to know how to post on Reddit, you first need to clarify what a Subreddit is.

A Subreddit is a community that anyone can join. There are Subreddits for almost everything. There are sections on politics, programming, sports, world news, and even Subreddits for pictures of Hitler wearing socks.

Some Subreddits are nothing but discussions, and each Subreddit functions just like the main page: an updating list of exciting stuff according to the people interested in that stuff.

However, Subreddit is not just a place where you dump links, it’s a thriving community unto itself with its customs, language, and moderators. It’s a place where everyone knows your name, or let’s say – username.


Your feed changes to suit your interests; it’s listing all the best stuff just for you. As you join Subreddits you like and leave the ones you don’t, the main page will show you only the ones you need.

Upvotes and Downvotes

Upvotes and Downvotes’ system is the main thing you need to know on how to post on Reddit. Users put Upvotes on things they like and Downvotes on something they don’t, and leaves a calculated score shown on the post. The posts with the most upvotes will make the content more visible on the user’s front page.


The comments are maybe even more important than to know how to post on Reddit. They function pretty much like the Upvotes and Downvotes system, only a little bit more entertaining. Reddit displays comments in a way that encourages back and forth discussions. In theory, the sorting and threading let the most valuable discussion comments make their way to the top.

Is Karma essential to know for how to post on Reddit?

Karma is the accumulation of good you’ll receive when other users upload your posts or comments. You may not get any money out of it, but a fair amount of Karma will alert other users that you add value to the community.

In short, content with the most Upvotes and discussions will always appear on top of the page. Reddit also has a time decay algorithm, which lowers the weight of older posts and lets new posts easier to rise to the top. Read the Reddit content policy before you post anything.

How to Post on Reddit on Web vs. App

The content is the same; the way you get around and how to post on Reddit is different. The content is a lot more prominent on the web page, but it is well-made and super easy to use.

To know how to post on Reddit, first, you have to create an account.

how to post on reddit

How to Post on the Reddit App

On the app, you can sign up with Google, Apple, or Email. The good thing is, you can sign up anonymously. If you don’t sign up, though, you can still see the content but won’t be able to do, well, pretty much anything on it.

Once you get started, you’re supposed to choose some interests to personalize your feed. Music, advice, science, sports, videos, literally any community you can dream of – you’ll find it here. Even a community of your favorite high school TV show does not even exist on the internet anymore.

Once you got your front page customized from your interest, the app will show you Subreddits according to your needs.

On the Reddit app, you have five icons on the lower part of the app. Looking left to right:

reddit app

  • The first one shows your front page, and pressing on it refreshes the content.
  • The icon next to it is the browse icon, on which you can browse communities and create ones for yourself. There is an option to create a custom feed if you want.
  • The icon in the middle shows you how to post on Reddit, i.e., creating content.
  • The next icon is kind of like the DM of Reddit. It’s used for chatting, whether in group rooms or directs messages; it lets you chat with communities or people of your like.
  • The last icon is a notification tab, showing you activities on the posts you’ve commented on, Upvoted, someone commenting on your comment, or generally notifying you of posts you might be interested in. You will see the approvals of your posts right here. There is also a messages section on which you will likely get messages from Reddit moderators.


How to Join a Subreddit?

To know how to post on Reddit, first, you need to join a Subreddit. You can join a Subreddit just by searching upon the browse option r/whatevercommunity and click join right next to its name. Or else you can check the subreddit list. On each Subreddit page, you can immediately see the posts with the most Upvotes and Discussions named “hot posts,” but you can sort posts by new, top, controversial, and rising. On each post, you have options to either give out Upvote or down vote, leave a comment on the comment sections, there is a share button that you can share with your friends on other apps, and there is an option to leave different kinds of awards, which, are not free therefore rarely used.

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How to Post on Reddit While Using the Web Page?

The options are all the same, just differently organized, like many other social media – to fit the wide desktop screen. How to post on Reddit web page is pretty similar to on the app.

On the top of the webpage, right next to the logo, you will see a command space saying home, which shows you the homepage, and by clicking on it, you can choose to see different Reddit feeds.

Right next to it, you will see the search section on which you can browse Subreddits and will see what’s trending today. Next to this section, you will see all the icons you have on the app, like sharing posts and messaging.

On the right side of the page, you will see a couple of sections divided into top communities, ones near you or related to a specific area, and the ones that are trending with a join button next to them.

On the left side of the web page, you will see all the posts with an option to Upvote, Downvote, share, or comment, similarly to the app feed’s visual. You can also sort your feed by top, rising, best, new or hot, and even change the grid in three different ways.

Reddit has 1.5 Billion users per month.

Okay but, How to Post on Reddit the Right Way?

First of all, to know how to post on Reddit, you need to know a couple of things:

  1. It’s mandatory to give a title of your post
  2. You also must choose a community, usually one that you already follow.
  3. There is a possibility your post is not approved.
  4. You can get kicked out of a community if you post wrongly.

Each community has its own rules and language that it uses. Some allow you to have images, some will enable you to only have discussions, and some will require you to spend some time on the app before you decide to post. The good thing is, you can check the rules quickly – there will be an option to see them on the right of the Subreddit community before you even post.

If you are trying to promote your content, it might be more difficult. Reddit does not want you to provide your content; it wants you to encourage other people and other people to promote you. Not much space for narcissistic personalities, huh?

What are the general rules on how to post on Reddit?

 Remember the human 

 Behave as you would in real life 

 Look for the source of content 

 Search for duplicates before posting read the community’s rules 

Now that you are familiar with the rules, let’s get into the basics of how to post on Reddit.Dont forget that you can use reddit as a tool to do market research for your e-commerce business.

How to Make a New Post on Reddit

As explained before, on the app, you have an icon that lets you create a post, and on the website, you have a post-bar on the home page and create a new post icon on the top right of the page.

First, you chose a community, then you have to write a title up to 300 characters, and the text has all the options for editing such as italics, bolding, quotation marks, etc.

How to Post Pictures on Reddit

Reddit lets you post images. The same tactic as text posts, only in the text section you need to drag and drop images or upload them directly. Beware that Pictures are a lot more appealing at first sight to users.


How to Post a Video on Reddit

Posting videos is an excellent way to generate traffic and communicate with users. However, you need to know that the maximum video length is 15 minutes. You can post a video on the same icon as posting pictures, which shows up as an option after posting on the create new post icon.

How to Post a Link on Reddit

Reddit is probably one of the best sites created for sharing content from other resources. On the Create new post tab, there is an option to share a link, on which you can directly past the link from whatever you want to share. Just remember, always choose your community and always write an excellent title.

How to Post Imgur on Reddit

Do you have some Imgur that you’d like to share with a specific community? Reddit is perfect for it. Just paste the direct link the same way you would post any other link. Imgur content shows directly.

More Than 50% Of The Content In Top Subreddits Are Links

How to Post a GIF on Reddit

Yep, you can also share gifs, which are pretty popular here. It’s the same procedure as posting an Imgur or a link.

How to Edit a Post on Reddit

After you post any post on Reddit, you cannot edit the title, but you can edit the content. There is an edit button on every bar that users usually use to thank other users’ comments or give updated information about the post.

How to Delete a Post on Reddit

Deleting a post on Reddit is also an option, as it is on any other social media. Both on the mobile app and the web, it’s located on the top right of any post.

Reddit Receives 27 Million Visitors to Technology Communities

How to Post Anonymously on Reddit

If you choose to be anonymous, maybe you should think of creating an unknown user name, which is the path most Reddit users choose. One of Reddit’s best things is that it does not require you to give out your real information, so it lets you be a part of it with keeping your privacy at the same time.

However, if you choose to have a username with your information, there is an option to browse anonymously in your settings section.

How to Unhide a Post on Reddit

As you can hide posts, you can also unhide them. On Reddit, there is a select tab for this on your My Profile page on the web Reddit.

How to Tag a Post on Reddit

Tagging posts on Reddit helps users be aware of the post or instead warns them of the content. When you’re creating a post, you have an option to add SPOILER, NSFW, FLAIR, which are usually in a different color from the post and function as a type of warning.

Last pieces of advice:

  1. participate in the community
  2. join subreddits
  3. be transparent
  4. create better versions of already popular content
  5. submit new content
  6. Think of using the Reddit Enhancement Suite. It’s a community-driven unofficial browser extension which:
  • gives you a never-ending Reddit feed
  • ability to add notes to different users
  • gives you an editor that allows you to create more engaging and more compelling content.

In conclusion, even though all the information for using Reddit is provided, it’s still hard to understand it without just jumping in and commenting and voting. But, once you start, you will never look back. Now that you know how to post on Reddit, what are you waiting for? Create your account and start looking for your community! Use reddit for product research and market research as well. All the Best!

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