How To Find Winning Products On AliExpress

 Every ecommerce merchant intends to find products that would sell like crazy, quite literally.

Whether you are getting into dropshipping or Amazon FBA, your endgame and the best strategy that you must implement is always to focus your search of products on winning, best-selling products that are in high demand, but also with a relatively low level of competition.

So, what to sell? Which products do you need to sell to be one of the online merchants that earn six and even seven figures from different e-commerce business models: dropshipping or FBA?

How do these big earners do it when we are all aware that other people tried and gave up because they could sell or earn as much as they anticipated?

Well, the answers you seek are in this article. If you are sourcing for your products from AliExpress, these strategies will ensure and help you find winning products all the time.

Strategies for finding winning products every time, on AliExpress

AliExpress Best Sellers

Find Winning Products On AliExpress

If you want to know which AliExpress products are big sellers, take a peek at the best-seller lists.

For starters, these lists offer customers insights into some of the best selling products that they could provide in their stores. As an online retailer, you should think of these lists as goldmines to turn your online business dreams into reality. So, you should be ready to exploit this goldmine.

As long as you are not looking at very expensive or the cheapest products on the lists, the best-sellers are winning products because if every other seller is selling them, then it means that you could sell those products too.

For you to identify the products that would be on your best-sellers list, all you have to do is to do comprehensive competitive product research. AliExpress’s best-selling list is always an excellent place for you to start your search for the winning products.

Here are the main benefits of best sellers:

  • They offer free and fast access to the most promising products
  • You gain deep insights about the products, as well as the suppliers
  • You will have access to at least 1,400 high-potential products all from unique niches
  • The filters offer a quick search option
  • It’s a time-saving approach


How To Find Winning Products On AliExpress

aliexpress best sellers

1. Learn from your competitors

Besides the leading e-commerce .  sites that you would be sourcing your products from or selling from, you also need to check out what your competitors are selling.

Since your competitors have bestseller lists too, you could use the information gathered to refine your products list and to ensure that the products you settle on will bring in high returns.

For the competitors without the best-selling lists, you can look at their product collections, or you could analyze their selling patterns within the best-selling category.

Besides finding ideas about the products you could list on your page, the best-sellers’ and competitors’ categories and collections offer essential insights into the current market trends you could tap into.

2. Review and Analyze the top-performing Ads

How much time do you spend scrolling the internet? What if you stopped scrolling through your newsfeed, product pages, and all those articles and finally took time to check out the ads published on the sites you are visiting – from Social media to Google and YouTube?

Here’s what ‘would happen if you focused on the ads – for starters, you’d be able to differentiate the good and the bad products. How? Well, most of the time, the best-selling products have great ads behind them.

For example, you will find that the ads received many comments, and a look at the website that the product is selling from would reveal that you are looking at a serious e-commerce retailer.

With that information, you will know what to expect from the market you are targeting, and you may also decide to sell the same product. However, before you do, you should understand the numbers behind the sales and the strategies you will have to use for the same or better results.

The strategies you employ should promise high conversion rates. Here are some of the thing you need to do to make the products you choose as successful:

  • Create and run ad campaigns that target your target audience. The ads should be attractive to the audience
  • Create a well-optimized website to boost your conversion rates
  • Create convincing ads copy to ensure that web visitors buy the products the first time they see it
  • Find products that are not widely available

Looking to increase sales on your store? Check out these best selling products.

3. Invest in a product research tool

online product research tool

There are several product search tools on the market today.

These tools are designed to provide comprehensive insights into winning products by giving users access to huge product databases, and ensuring that you know everything about the product from its sales estimate and estimated profits to competition volume, and the reviews of customers and other customers.

Some of these product research tools include Dropified, Ali Insider, AliExtractor, AliExpress Dropshipping Center, AliShark, Sell The Trend, Niche Scraper, and EcomHunt, among others.

Also, I can highly recommend Pexda for product research. It is comparatively cheap and it provides fresh trending products.

The other product search tool that is often overlooked is Google Trends.

Well, besides being free, Google Trends gives you all the important insights into winning AliExpress tools, at all times, meaning that if you are only getting started, you may want to start with this Free Google tool before you can afford the other options.

The other strategies you could implement include:

  • Search for the most popular products in AliExpress, even if it means dealing with some competition.
  • Focus on the unpopular, high demand, niche products since these often have very little competition
  • Identify the best price point that works for your niche
  • Find the product that promises the best profit margins
  • Research and focus on reputable and reliable suppliers. Check ratings for the suppliers and also the number of fulfilled product orders
  • Create high-quality, compelling, and converting content to sell more.


At the end of the day, the search for the winning products on AliExpress or any other ecommerce site comes down to the amount and level of research you are will to undertake.

So, watch trends, learn from what others are doing, but also invest in the best tools.

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