Most Important Etsy SEO Tips of 2021

Are you trying to build a business on your own, or have been for some time, but you struggle to make sales? Or, you did manage to make some sales, but you struggle with consistency? You came to the right place because you will find out the best Etsy SEO tips in this article.

What’s Etsy?

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Etsy is a platform on which regular people sell regular items. You can sell handmade items, services or rentals, craft supplies, and many other things. You can find on Etsy anything on home décors like decorative pillows or vases, jewelry and accessories, clothing, and many different types of toys and entertainment. You can start building your Future Nike brand on Etsy. Read the Esty Seller book for more details.

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Do you need a personalized gift for your spouse on your anniversary? Or maybe a cute and unique greeting card? Well, Etsy is your place. Now let’s talk about Etsy SEO tips.

But, if you are trying to sell on Etsy, you must go through some Etsy SEO tips to be successful.

How to Get More Sales on Etsy?

First, you need to learn about Etsy SEO.

What’s SEO in the Simplest Terms?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Imagine it like it’s a robot that presents the shopper with precisely what he’s been looking for. For example, if you found this article, it probably means you typed Etsy SEO in the search box, or maybe Etsy SEO tips. SEO is not tied to Etsy only, but it is a general term used for all platforms, everywhere, most frequently through Google. Now that you understand SEO, we can go to Etsy SEO tips and use them to your advantage.

And How to Use SEO for Etsy?

etsy seo tips

The Search Engine gave you this article, among others, based on the keywords that you typed into that search bar. The more specific the keyword, the more refined the search will be. For example, if you would type just the word SEO, you would get a ton of content; it just won’t be tied explicitly to Etsy.

The best Etsy SEO tips are you to refine that search by adding Etsy and maybe the year, for example, Etsy SEO 2021 and BAM! You’ll get both the most recent and the most relevant content.

But, never make the mistake of considering Etsy as an independent platform. Etsy as an online shop has a great ranking on Google and other search engines like it , which lets you connect to users that aren’t necessarily connected to Etsy directly.

Even though SEO is one of the most important things to perfect to finding success in the ranking, it is not the most crucial thing from Etsy SEO tips. Your store will also rank because of your reviews, customer service, whether you have any strikes in your store, how many items you sell, etc.

Now, What About Etsy SEO Keywords?

Keywords are obviously, the words that are the key to optimizing your listings into the search engines. Any Etsy SEO tips will lead you to find the best keywords you can use to up your selling.

The most specific keywords are called  long-tail keywords , and they help you narrow down and refine research by getting out the content that isn’t relevant to what you’re looking for. This goes for Etsy as well. If you would look, for example, for some artsy desk decoration, and you type only decoration in the search box, you will find loads of different decorations not only of your bedroom but also any kitchen and bathroom decorations too. Now, if you want to find something small to fit your nighttime table precisely, you’d have to type in “nighttime table small decorations.” Do you see the point? The more specific you are with your keywords, the better things you will find. And this is SEO in the simplest terms.

Long story short, choosing the best keyword is the first step to making more sales on Etsy and probably one of the most critical Etsy SEO tips. If people can’t find you, how will they buy your products? Obvious isn’t it?

But How to Find the Best Keyword?

etsy seo tips

One of the Etsy SEO tips is that If you want to know how to do SEO for Etsy, you first need to understand how to find the best keywords.

If you think you know what keywords customers are searching for, you’re probably wrong. Most times, they do not sound logical. But how do you know which keyword is best? Well, lucky you, you don’t have to bother a lot with it. You have excellent Etsy SEO tools to help you with this, which are presented down below.

Before we go on to the tools, let’s first look at something else.

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Etsy SEO Tips and Secrets

etsy seo tips

The Etsy SEO secrets lie in the best optimization of listings.

It’s utterly essential to optimize not only your listings but other areas of your Etsy shop that many people don’t even do.

The About Me Section

One of these areas is the about me section. The about me team is right below your listings, and it tells (or at least it’s supposed to) who you are, potential buyers, what you’re selling, etc. Another piece of advice from Etsy SEO tips regarding this is that you should also include information on why they should buy from you instead of another seller, your background, or why you started selling. Try to be as genuine as possible so people can feel comfortable in your store and feel you as a trustworthy seller. But, even in this section, keep in mind the SEO because you need to fulfill the search results’ need.

Now, whatever products you’re trying to sell on Etsy, what you need to do is you want to make sure you research some keywords that are in  high search volume but with low competition  at the same time. And, of course, you want to use these keywords in your about me section.

Whenever people search for some things on Etsy or Google, the algorithm signals the seller that your store matches the item the seller is looking for. And when that happens, it means your store and your listings will be ranking higher.

Read the popular Etsy shop Use about us area as below.

etsy about us

What Shouldn’t You Do?

When it comes to Etsy SEO tips, there are also other things to consider. In learning how to use SEO for Etsy, there are a couple of things you really should refrain from doing.

Keyword Stuffing

Another Etsy SEO tips are that Etsy doesn’t endorse keyword stuffing. We often think that if we put as many keywords as possible to our title, we will be more apt to rank on Etsy search results, but this is not the case, according to experience.

Etsy keyword stuffing not only will make your listing sound repetitive, but it also looks weird – like it was written for a computer rather than actual shoppers that are people. Instead, in your title, think about prioritizing the most descriptive phrases and keywords.

Match Title to Your Tags

This is one of the Etsy SEO tips regarding the titles. Etsy claims that  “the most descriptive and relevant keywords for your listings should appear in both your titles and your tags” – BUT, this means you should match only your most relevant keywords or phrase in your title and tags, but not all of them.

If you’re trying to repeat keywords in your titles and tags, you’re going to kill your chances of getting found on Etsy.

Repeating Attributes and Categories in Your Title and Tags Unnecessarily

It would be best if you didn’t forget that the attributes and categories you selected when you created your listing do ACT like tags. Therefore, Etsy SEO tips include not repeating these things unnecessarily.

Repeating the Same Keyword in Your Title

Look at the title as a space where you can add more variety and try more keywords. Also, you do not need to repeat the same keyword in your tags.

Avoid Misspellings and Plurals

This one is obvious; it lessens buyers’ chance of finding your listings if you misspell or use plurals.

etsy seo tips

How Does Etsy Determine the Relevancy of Your Listing?

Etsy compares the keywords the buyer puts in the search box according to:

  • Your titles
  • Your tags
  • Your categories
  • Your attributes

The more closely your title, tags, attributes, and categories match with the keywords typed in the search bar, the more likely it that your item will show up higher since it is more relevant.

You can match your keywords:

Broadly – the keywords the buyer used are closely related to the keywords you used but might not all be the same. If a few keywords match but the others match with some other listings, there is a high probability that you will show up in the search but probably somewhere lower in rank.

Exactly – the keywords the buyer used in the search box are the same order of keywords in your listings. This means your listing is very relevant.

You cannot be an exact match to every single keyword and phrase there is. If you want to do that, you would have to repeat the same ones unnecessarily in your titles, attributes, and categories. This is considered a missed opportunity to diversify keywords to get more reach for your listings – which is what you’re supposed to be doing.

Here we probably should mention Meta tags for Etsy – Meta elements like <description> or <title> included in HTML documents and are the tags responsible for driving traffic to your website. You can learn more about them here.

Another one from Etsy SEO tips is that you should first up to your titles before you try to increase Etsy traffic.

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So How to up Your Titles?

To make the most out of your titles, you should pick one or two key phrases that will best describe the item you’re selling. It would be best to select phrases that aren’t too broad but aren’t too specific here. Try to use an “exact match” for the key phrases and repeat them in your titles and tags. These are the one or two focus keywords: keyword phrases exactly matched in your title and tags. Then, use all the room you’ve got left in your title and labels to add different search terms, so you have more variety and better chances of being found by more people.

Put the primary keyword in the title, include some synonyms and maybe vary keywords for similar products, and make your title simple.

But how to know what is too broad and what is too specific? Here come to play the long-tail keywords, which I will explain in detail.

So, to learn how to use Etsy tags and utilize the best long-tail keywords, you probably need to go through the Etsy SEO tools.

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SEO Tools

When looking through Etsy SEO tips, the SEO tools are the most crucial option to use.

Other factors that determine listings’ rankings in the search results are: relevancy, listing quality score, how recently they created the item listing, customer and market experience score reviews; negative feedback will affect rankings, shipping price, shop location, and shoppers’ habits. But where to find all this information?


ERank is the most popular Etsy research tool and probably the best tool to optimize Etsy listings, and I must mention Etsy SEO tips. With the free ERank membership, you have access to a variety of tools it offers. The most important ones are probably the ones that help you with competition and to be able to check which keywords are searched most.

ERank is like google – but for Etsy.

Through this tool, you can find what’s trending on Etsy. It will give you information of different market places so not just Etsy but also amazon, Facebook store, eBay, Pinterest, and Google shopping. Reddit As an Etsy seller, you can use all this information to your advantage.

So What Are the Tools Does ERank Offer?

Trend buzz – will help you, especially with your new items. You can easily do Etsy research to see what’s trending in different categories. If you want to see what’s trending in your particular niche, you will be able to browse by category in the site’s reports segment.

It will then be divided into different segments like what’s trending on Etsy, what’s trending on Amazon, etc. By finding out the most trending keyword, you will know what the buyers are looking for.

Right next to the popular keywords, you can also see how many people have searched it in the last month. The trend graph will show you whether it’s a constant search or just circumstantial – for example, like searching up for jewelry around Valentine’s Day.

On e-rank, you can see day by day how Etsy is explicitly doing compared to the other market places and visitors by the country.

Listing reports – will tell you all the detailed stats about your listings.

Spell checker – checks any spelling errors on your listings and tags.

Spotted on Etsy – pure Etsy results were paid ads, and personalization on Etsy has been taken away to see when your listings were spotted in the first 100 listings of a search– useful to see which keywords work for you.

Competition tracker – a handy tool to track what your competitors are doing on Etsy

Delivery status reports are great for anyone using Etsy shipping.

Sales map- an excellent visual place to see exactly where in the world your cells are coming from.

Etsy SEO Marmelead

This tool is crucial when we talk about Etsy SEO tips.

We mentioned long tail keywords before. Long-tail keywords, as mentioned, are the most specific phrases used as keywords.

Since we have both exact and broad keywords, we can state that some general keywords are highly competitive, so it’s a lot harder for a new shop to rank for those keywords. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use those broad keywords; it just means you should incorporate them into your long-tail keywords.

Why do shoppers use broad terms? When they aren’t sure of what they want to buy. Here comes the benefit of using a long-tail keyword.

If you want to find the best long-tail keyword, it’s probably if you first see the first broad term that is best for your listing. And Marmalead is perhaps the best tool you can use for finding it.

Marmalead lets you look at competitors’ listings. You can take a note of all titles and tags they already use and see which ones are successful. You can also use your stats section to see if you are ranking for any terms you aren’t currently using.

First, you need to do your Etsy research, you can do it on other sites such as Pinterest, and then you can get ready to compare them on Marmalade.

On Marmalead you have a comparison section to find your broad keyword by comparing two different keywords. There you can get detailed stats of both keywords. After analyzing the success rate of both, you then can determine the focus keyword, and according to the stats, create your long-tail keyword.

Not only SEO, but You can also focus on other marketing strategies to increase your Etsy Sales.

Now that you learned about all these Etsy SEO tips, are you ready to try them all?

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