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Dropshipping is slowly becoming one of the top-recommended online earning options for individuals looking for passive income earning e-commerce opportunities.

But while marketers and online marketers making money out of dropshipping shower praise on this online money-making venture, the one thing these guys hardly tell you about is the tools and the platforms you must pay and signup for if you are going to earn anything from the online venture.

But we have your best interests at heart, which is why we’ll offer guidance on some of the best tools you must invest in for dropshipping success. One of the tools/ platforms you might want to invest in is Dropified.

But before we take a look at some of the features of Dropified and why we recommend it or why it’s regarded as one of the best Oberlo alternatives, let’s take a step back into dropshipping – what is it, and is it as good an online venture as you’ve been told?

About Dropshipping

what is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is regarded as the online retail business that would give a drop shipper the ultimate financial freedom and the opportunity to sit on the beach while the business runs online, with very little input from you. But is this the truth?

To be honest, all income-earning opportunities, online and offline, require a substantial amount of effort to be put in. You will have to sacrifice more than you expected to, and you will work harder than ever. Dropshipping is no different.

While the whole drop shipping concept looks simple on the surface, it isn’t.

Dropshipping entails a whole business setup process that starts with you setting up an e-commerce store/ shop, reaching out to different supplier s who will take on your orders then ship the orders to customers when they play their order.

Dropshipping is also different from e-commerce fulfillment programs, but in both cases, you are not required to house inventory, and the most impressive bit is that you won’t have to worry about logistics or shipping costs.

Keep in mind that in dropshipping, a customer will pay yours for a product. After you receive your payment, your supplier will fulfill the order placed by sending the final product to your customer directly.

In dropshipping, unlike e-commerce fulfillment, you don’t have any interaction with the products you are selling. Though convenient with a huge earnings potential, you are forced to outsource a huge chunk of the customer satisfaction process, meaning that if things go sideways with the supplier, your customers will only blame you and not the supplier.

You should also be ready for the fact that you won’t have any control over the quality or the speed of the shipping. But even with these drawbacks, the returns could be great, you can scale the business easily, there is less overhead, and you can change the direction of the business easily.

So, where does Dropified come in?

Well, while dropshipping is an imperfect online business model with pros and cons, the biggest challenge faced by new and experienced drop shippers remains to find the best suppliers, particularly, the suppliers that would be willing to work with you, per your terms and as per the dropshipping arrangement.

Dropified seeks to change just that, while also offering support to the larger online stores. With this in mind, you will find that Dropified has a lot in common with Oberlo, and in many ways, these two platforms are a lot similar.

In this review, we’ll look at everything you need to know about Dropified, including its features, pros, cons, and the pricing. So, let’s jump right in!

Dropified Review

What is Dropified?

What is Dropified?

Dropified refers to the drop shipping platform created specifically for the individuals interested in selling products from one simple online store and then have those products stored, shipped, and then packaged by a supplier or a manufacturer.

If you’ve used Oberlo before, the two are essentially the same. For example, just like Oberlo, Dropified also features a huge collection of products for you to choose from, not to mention a host a high value and excellent e-commerce integrations for WooCommerce and Shopify.

Dropified’s design also makes it easy for you to create and open your online store, connect with different suppliers, the source for products, and as you do all these things, you won’t have to worry about things like packaging, shipping, or even the storage of inventory.

According to Dropified, if you choose to use this platform, you will save as many as 20hours each week. This high level of efficiency is expected from Dropified’s automation features.

To give you a better view of what you will get if you choose Dropified for your dropshipping business, let’s take a look at its top features


As one of the best systems for dropshipping, Dropified is designed to connect the merchants with the suppliers automatically.

How Does Dropified Work?

To get started with Dropified, you have to set up your ecommerce store, and you will also need a Dropified account.

Since Dropified integrates easily with WooCommerce, Shopify, GearbubblePRO, and CommerceHQ, you will not struggle with the integration bit of this platform, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of dropshipping pretty soon after setup.

The best part is that all these integrations are practically seamless, and you could have the Dropified WooCommerce Como setup, and running in under 3 minutes. Once your store is up and running and after setting up Dropified, you’ll need to do the following:

Browse, pick, and then import the selected products that you intend to sell. You can do all that in one click. Since Dropified works with top e-commerce sites such as AliExpress, you will always have access to thousands of best-selling products.

Note that the products that are imported from AliExpress would appear on your inventory list, along with the product images and descriptions, and you can customize this information to match the needs of your brand.

So, once you are satisfied and happy with the products you’ve selected, you can publish and start to sell the products. Here’s the best part – Dropified will take care of the rest.

What this means is that once a new customer places their order, Dropified will take over, placing the order with your suppliers. The supplier will pick up from there and ship the selected product to the customer’s address.

This is because the receipt and the customer’s shipping information will be emailed to the supplier automatically. Now, while the fulfillment of orders is generally a nightmare even though it’s more of a copy-pasting process, Dropified’s one-click order fulfillment feature means that you will be able to enjoy an increase in the orders’ accuracy and efficiency.

Thanks to this setup, your customers’ details will be uploaded automatically by the Dropified feature as it’s designed to upload all that information to be used for shipping by the suppliers. This happens every time a customer places an order and provides their information.

Dropified and Shopify

Dropified vs Shopify

Dropified works pretty well with Shopify. And in case you are wondering why we are referencing Shopify, you should know that Shopify is one of the top-rated e-commerce platforms that allows you not just to create, but also to run your online retail business.

Shopify comes packed with excellent features to ensure e-commerce and dropshipping success. While the standard integration would do the trick, you may want to get the Dropified app since this is the best catalyst for the success of your e-commerce business.

When working with Shopify, you’d first need to choose the right subscription plan to match your needs before creating your Shopify e-commerce store with some of the customized templates available.

Once you’ve done all that, you will connect your Shopify Store with your Dropified App then start the process of adding new products to your store. This integration is also quite seamless, and you will have the whole thing set up in only minutes.

How to set up the Dropified with Shopify

First, go to your Dropified dashboard then click the Stores tab. There, click on the Add Stores option.

On the pop that appears asking for the addition of your store’s URL, enter your store’s URL.

The catch is that you can only add the MyShopify.com version of the store’s domain and not the customized version for you the connection between your Dropified and Shopify accounts. Get your store’s domain name from the main Shopify Admin page.

Click on the Add Store option after you enter the store’s URL. And just like that, you are set and ready. Now that you have an idea of how to make the most of Dropified let’s look at the features that make Dropified one of the best platforms for dropshipping.

Dropified features

Impressive Zapier integration

If you are new to dropshipping and ecommerce or if you’ve never used or heard about Zapier, you should know that Zapier refers to the online app that makes it possible for you to connect a variety of apps, online tools, and software that you need to use on a day-to-day basis whether for business or even personal tasks.

For example, one of the most common uses of Zapier is in customer service, where you’d connect your customer services software or platform with your online store. Alternatively, you’d use to post on social media after posting new content, without having to log into all your social media pages.

Therefore, Zapier integration is one of the best features of Dropified.

The best bit is that Dropified integrates easily with Zapier, in the process bringing together different possibilities that would result in the improvement of your productivity, while also increasing the efficiency of your online store.

A good example of this integration is seen in the connection between your accounting software and this tool – Dropified would connect automatically with your apps for tracking of sales live, as your customers shop from your store. In this case, you’d also have the option of linking Dropified with your accounting software, making the tax period simpler.

Sourcing of products from AliExpress

Sourcing of products from AliExpress

The other impressive feature of Dropified is that it allows easy sourcing of products from AliExpress. AliExpress is one of the biggest online stores, and you can use the site to buy just about anything.

The reason for its popularity, among other reasons, has to be the fact that AliExpress makes it possible for you to easily link up with reliable merchants and the most viable suppliers from different regions, but with more focus on China, among other leading Asian markets.

In the case of AliExpress, Dropified will tap into the AliExpress website automatically, allowing you to select the products you are interested in, before moving them to your store.

You can also use it to pull specific product information. So, whenever a customer makes their purchase, the details of the purchase are sent out to the specific AliExpress supplier, for the fulfillment of the order.

Thanks to this setup and the different integrations, the fulfillment process is simplified significantly.

The automated pricing, and updates to product availability

One of the challenges online retailers face is keeping track of product prices and inventory availability or changes all the time. Doing this all the time is super-tedious, and this is when you start looking for solutions to simplify the whole process.

And since these processes become even more confusing when you are involved in dropshipping because you are not in contact with the suppliers all the time and you have to find the best time to communicate with them, there’s a need for a tool that allows for the automation of the entire process.

Dropified seeks to resolve these problems and streamline the entire tracking of prices and inventory availability. How? Well, Dropified ensures that all the price changes from individual suppliers and the subsequent changes are reflected on all your product pages automatically.

This also applies to the availability of inventory. So, in case a supplier removes an item from their inventory list, you will receive an instant notification, and the products in question will be hidden from your customers automatically.



Profit Statistics

Dropified statistics

The other impressive feature of Dropified is its advanced integration features designed to ensure that you can track the performance of your store at all times. From the reports, you will have an overview of your profits, and you will also get a clear understanding of how you are making money.

Unfortunately, top ecommerce sites like Shopify and WooCommerce do not work this way, and this is where Dropified comes in. Dropified offers quick profits analytics in the backend. The reporting offered is simple, but just as important in the running of an online ecommerce store.


With most of your products being shipped from China and other Asian markets, you need to account for international shipping. The catch, however, is that international shipping is rather expensive, and it’s also quite time-consuming.

Also, you will need tracking information if working with UPS, and you may not have that information. But if you are a Dropified user, the process will be simpler, thanks to ePackets used by Dropified.

ePackets refers to a unique shipping method designed to keep the cost of international shipping low while making those international shipments faster and giving you access to the necessary tracking information. While this approach is imperfect, it is better than the traditional shipping options.

Chrome Extension

The other impressive feature of Dropified is its Chrome extension, which allows you to export different products from AliExpress, among other sites easily. The best bit is that this extension is easy to use, and you could do different things without having to sit behind a desk.

For example, for AliExpress, you only need to log into the AliExpress account, click on the chrome browser for Dropified, and then add new products to your Products’ board.

Next, you’ll need to save the product you like, edit the content, and publish. Doing all that on the go has to be the best function of Dropified.

Extensive Customization options for the product images

You already know that an image is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to the online shopping space.

But even the products on AliExpress coming with product images, among other features, of you, want to edit those images, Dropified will make that possible thanks to its in-app image editing tools that will allow you to not only crop but also to resize the images to ensure that they fit your web design perfectly.

You also get to choose the images you’d like to either delete or keep. Also, you get to upload your own product images.


Dropified customer support system

One of the biggest challenges of dropshipping lies with the provision of the best support services to your customers. As mentioned above, the reason for this is that the products being delivered to customers come from suppliers or, in other cases, directly from the manufacturers.

With this arrangement, you may have to answer for returns and other questions about the products, even when you don’t know what was delivered to the customers.

Dropified makes it easy for you to deal with these issues because it has one of the best support services.

For starters, Dropified offers a solid blog that provides tips and guides on dropshipping, while also offering software updates. You can also access direct support from Dropified via email, live chats, as well as access to the resources center, which offers many support articles, as well as videos on dropshipping and Dropified as a whole.


Of course, we have to talk about the pricing of Dropified.

Well, the good news is that Dropified offers some very interesting pricing plans that are based on two unique packages created to charge monthly. Even so, you get to choose to make your payments either annually/ monthly.

Generally, the annual plans are cheaper than the monthly plans.

The good news is that plans come with a 14-day free trial period during which you get to test the products and the features offered. At first glance, you will be happy to note that Dropified offers more products for each store, compared to Oberlo; albeit at a higher price.

The two plans are the Builder and the Premier plan.

The Builder plan costs $39/month, and it gives you access to support for a single online store where you can create 50 product boards, upload 15,000 items, fulfill as many as 1,000 orders each month, and the account could be used by 5 users.

These features are essentially the primary features offered by Dropified.

dropified pricing

The other plan is the Premier plan, which costs $97/month.

This plan will give you access to 5 online stores where you can upload up to 50,000 products, create 250 unique product boards, fulfill 100,000 orders each month and have up to 25 users on the site.

This plan comes with a profit dashboard, access to unlimited high-speed Captcha solver, Zapier integration, as well as access to all the primary features offered by Dropified.


  • Pricing automation
  • Out of stock notifications
  • Tracking of shipments
  • It has a huge supplier database
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fairly priced


  • Limited automation functions for most ecommerce platforms


Who is Dropified Designed For?

Though a great dropshipping option, Dropified is not the best option for individuals just getting started or the ones on a tight budget.

However, this dropshipping platform would work well if you are already an established company interested in investing more into their ecommerce store, and definitely not worried about affording the monthly fee of $39.

How much is Dropified?

There is a 14-day trial period, although you must give out your credit card information upfront.

The basic plan goes for $39/month, while the premium plan costs $97/month. These plans come with a 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Which Products Do I Get to Sell on Dropified?

Dropified doesn’t come with a catalog of its own, and you have to find the products for your site on different online marketplaces. The good news is that the chrome extension makes everything easier.

Also, you get to import products from more than 50 sources.


It might be slightly pricey, but Dropified is the best e-commerce solution for dropshipping. It’s easy to use, and it comes with all the features you need to get started and grow in dropshipping.

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