Popular Camping Shopify Stores

Camping is one of the popular niches around the world. For some western countries, it’s a seasonal niche depend on the weather conditions. There is a wide range of camping drop shipping Shopify stores that run in this niche.
I have selected 06 camping Shopify stores that are on different sub-niches. Some of the stores are unique brands. Additionally, I have analyzed the traffic generation and store design for your extra knowledge.
Keep reading, there is a lot to learn from below camping stores.

1.Go Hunt

Camping Shopify Stores

This is not only an outdoor gear store. It provides news, tips, and tools for camping and outdoor lovers around the globe. Go hunt ranked # 86 under the category of hobbies and leisure.
According to the data ‘Go hunt’ recorded more than 100,000 visitors in a month. Most of the traffic was from the United States, Canada, and France.
Go Hunt has a very good brand awareness and 41% of their traffic comes as a direct.
Their major traffic source is from Google search. It is more than 51%. The below image shows how the organic traffic grows within 2 years.

Highest traffic search terms are :

Not only that Go hunt does their Paid Google ads for different products. Paid campaigns run only in the United States and Canada only. Here are the top 5 paid keywords:

  • Platypus hydration
  • Havalon knife
  • Western mountaineering
  • Bow Stabilizer
  • Mystery ranch backpacks


Go Hunt is one of the leading camping Shopify stores and they sell many products under the campaign category.
Example: Sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camp kitchen, coolers, etc…
Here are a few camping products listed on Go hunt:

camping products


Go hunt Facebook Page has more than 110,000 fans. They add frequent posts on their blogs and products on their Facebook page.




Camping Shopify Stores

This is a different Camping online store idea. This store rents Camping Pods. This appears to be a unique idea, which provides a great relief for campers who can’t spend a huge chunk of money on camping pods.
I would say this is a well-designed Shopify store that has easy navigation and quality visuals. As a camp rental store, they have clearly mentioned the process of how it works.
Xcapepod has a simple process involves Request, Receive, Relax and Return
Anyone can request their camping pod via homepage form.
To receive the camping pods customer can visit Xcapepod store or they will deliver to the customers requested location.
Customers can enjoy the Camping experience.
To return the camping pod, customer can deliver it to Xcampepod store location or they can send by FedEx.
I’m sure the customers will have to agree on many terms and conditions in this process like how to handle a damaged pods and etc…
The company founded in 2017 in Portland , United States. The store has more than 400 visitors per month. I’m sure its traffic will grow over time.

Major traffic is coming from United States, Australia, and Canada. Here are the top 3 organic keywords that bring the most traffic:

They provide great pods under different categories like camping pods, Backpacking pods, Patio Pods etc…
Here is someone who shows what he got from Xcampods. Enjoy


3.Family Tent Camping

Camping Shopify Stores

Outdoor lifestyle is a big niche and this store has found their sweet spot in the sub-niche of camping. This store is popular for camping tents. They provide different kinds of camping tents and other camping accessories to their customer base.
The store has done a fairly good job with search engine optimization. But there are many areas they can improve in order to have an increase in their sales volume. Especially, by applying a better-customized theme into their site can improve the sales.
Family tent camping gets close to 5000 monthly organic visitors from Google.


Most of the traffic comes from the United States, Australia, and Newzealand. This store has ranked on different camping keywords. Here are the top 5 keywords that generate organic traffic.
Multi-room tent
  • Kodlak tents
  • 2 Room tent
  • Multi room camping tent
  • 4 season cabinet tent
Family tent camping sells their products under different categories. Here are the few camping tents products,


camping products


4.Deluxe camping

Camping Shopify Stores

This Shopify camping store has an attractively designed home page. They are selling different angles of products for campers. Throughout the site, it shows that they are experts in the niche. Those products help the long term campers. Examples -camping sinks. camping kitchens camp chairs etc…
The most unique factor with this store is that most of the camping products listed on this store are designed by the store owner Michael Robertson. And I would congratulate him on his inventions. He has inspired ‘about us’ page with his story on how much he and his wife were passionate about camping.
But, I would suggest to change the font size and the font colors for easy readings.
Deluxecamping gets more than 100 organic visitors from Google for different camping keywords
  • Cot bedhead board
  • Camping sink with running water
  • Camping Kitchen with running water
  • Camping shade cloth
They might attract more visitors if they focus more on SEO process.
This store has its own unique feature that provides a section not only for product photos, but also for Product review videos as well.. In all videos, Michael features and explains about the product and it adds more trust about his store.


I wish good luck to Michael for his journey through unique products and inventions.



Camping Shopify Stores

Tensile is the top-rated branded store which is selling person tent, hammocks, and other outdoor products. They provide the products with the latest technology and unique designs. And its a highly established business.
Tensile founded in 2011 and headquarters in London, United Kingdom. They get 45% branded organic traffic from Google. They have more than 20,000 monthly visitors. The highest traffic is coming from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Also, Tensile has ranked the store in keywords that bring them a good amount of organic traffic. Based on the traffic they get,I’m definite that they have a good conversion rate. Here are the keywords:


This unique brand takes the camping tent and hammocks to the next level. Each product page provides the necessary information with the product description. Additionally, the video shows how to use the products and tent accessories.


They have 57.000 fans on Facebook and closer to 12,000 Subscribers on the Youtube channel. Also, they run other social media accounts as well. I wish them good luck with their e-commerce business.


Camping Shopify Stores

Dancing dave is another unique online store that rents camping gears, which is build on the Shopify eCommerce platform.  
This business starts selling accommodation to the festival campers. The problem the company solves is, providing the camping accommodations for campers. Campers can just stay and leave, as this company builds it where the campers need and fold it when the party ends. Instead of start selling, they took a different approach to the outdoor products industry.
Dancingdave is based on Bradyville, United States, and founded in 2012.
This store generates over 100 organic visitors per month. I believe that they are using other advertising platforms, such as social media ads to generate sales.
Those are the keywords that Dancingdave has ranked for google.

This store needs to work on its product pages, site navigation, and make them more attractive by adding more images, product features, etc…

camping products

I hope I had a chance to discover 06 camping Shopify stores for you to analyze them. It’s your duty to learn them from and apply them to your own outdoor gear stores.
Thank you for reading my Camping Shopify Store list!
See you again!


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