Best Selling Products for Dropshipping

Dropshipping allows you to sell top-selling products without ever having to handle the products physically.

At the end of the day, dropshipping allows you to drop the responsibility of handling products’ logistics, for example, packaging, shipping, and delivery to the supplier of the products, with your essential roles being the search for the best products for dropshipping.

Of course, you also need to look for the best suppliers of the products, while also ensuring that inventory is always available. Whether you are new to dropshipping or you have been at it for some time now, you need to know that the only way for you to run a successful dropshipping business is by finding the best dropshipping products.

Even when you have the dropshipping business niche figured out down to the smallest details, you may still have a long way to go with regards to finding the perfect products.

Why? Or How hard could it all be?

Well, the truth is that in as much as you’d be interested in creating an ecommerce store for dropshipping, one that features a huge products’ catalog from some of the biggest suppliers and wholesalers, you will also need to find high-end dropshipping products to drive people to your ecommerce store.

While at it, you must avoid listing products that seem to have great potential, only for them to end up taking up too much and unnecessary space in your store.

What we are saying is that at the end of the day, your audience gets to decide what products you should list and sell on your page. It means that you must watch and understand your customer base: their needs and how you could offer them value, all these for you to be better in tune with the best way of meeting the needs of your audience.

In addition to scouring the internet for the best dropshipping product ideas, you may want to invest in some of the best tools for product search, tools that offer better insights into the exact needs of your audience, and how to find the right, winning, and best-selling products.

How to Sell Products Online

For you to find the best dropshipping products to sell on your ecommerce store, you might want to figure out the best strategies for making your products sell.

Now that you know a little more about the best products you could sell on your dropshipping ecommerce store, here are the considerations you need to bear in mind:

1. Prices Not Available (Legally gain the rights to pricing and the exclusive distribution of the products)

In dropshipping, you do not manufacture the products you dropship, which means that you must acquire exclusive rights and access to the pricing and the distribution of the products from all the local and the international distributors you get dropshipping products from.

Remember that you will have an easier time generating sales when you are the only retailer because you will have a monopoly over the product(s) or the price point.

While we have to admit that this isn’t an easy feat to achieve, it could be extremely lucrative if you are dedicated. At the end of the day, you need to make sure that your consumers cannot find the actual prices of the products you are selling.

2. Don’t use the low pricing strategy for long

How to Sell Products Online

To increase your sales, one of the strategies you could implement would be to set the prices of your products at a lower price compared to the prices set by the competition.

For most dropshippers, undercutting the competition by selling their dropshipping products at literally rock-bottom prices is the most effective approach, but it isn’t the case always.

This strategy could easily fail since you may not be in a position to sell all your products at such low prices for a very long time, without taking huge losses.

3. Find the most popular products to sell

One of the most effective strategies to embrace and implement in your search for the best dropshipping products to sell involves looking for the most popular products, a high level of competition notwithstanding.

While this strategy doesn’t seem like the best approach, especially for small retailers, since the popular products could be either easy or too hard to sell, you may find your silver lining in the popular products that would be unique to your online store.

Even with a high level of competition, you may be in a position to compete with your biggest competitors if you work on making those products unique through the availability of the products, prices, selections, as well as the available choices.

 Products for Dropshipping

4. Target Not-So-Popular Dropshipping products in the highly focused niches

The unpopular products within specific niches could easily turn in to your biggest cash cows. All you need to do is to research then find your way into that niche market.

Often, unpopular products are highly sought after by specific customers. Therefore, be willing to take time to observe and to analyze these niche markets deeply to identify those highly targeted products that only a small group of consumers seek.

5. Identify the right price point

What is the right products’ price point for your niche? Which are the best price points for you to work with? At the end of the day, each product category has a unique price point.

You need to research the price points since there are high-end, often overpriced products that have their own price point, and the normal products will also have their (low) price point.

6. Find the profit margin

Dropshipping products profit margin

Is the product you are interested in profitable or not? We recommend choosing the products that you would sell with a profit margin of at least 30%.

But while at it, remember that most of the popular products tend to have lower profit margins since the market demands lower prices for sellers to remain competitive. However, a few products have attractive margins, their popularity notwithstanding.

7. Get the best suppliers

You need to find the best suppliers for your products. These are the reliable suppliers that offer excellent services, support, and also suppliers who are easy to work with.

8. Create excellent content

At the end of the day, you will only sell more products of your marketing abilities, and content creating skills are top-notch. So, find the best ways for you to use your personal experience to sell products, and you also need to learn how to use storytelling to sell more products.

9. Ensure that the products you are selling are unavailable in your country

10. The products should be hard to find

Now that you have some ideas to guide you in your search for the best dropshipping products let’s take a look at the best-selling dropshipping products.

Best-Selling Products for Dropshipping

1. Slime

Slime remains the best-selling product on the market today, and its popularity is growing rapidly if you are to go with the biggest trends on YouTube. Slime beats just about every record, and it continues to take the internet by storm as new slime concepts are created each day.

You can source for the best slime from AliExpress, and selling slime promises 100% margins.

2. Portable Blenders

Best Selling Products

For health and fitness enthusiasts, a portable blender is not only trendy but also one of the best investments made.

The demand for the best portable, powerful, and lightweight blenders is at its highest as consumers look for healthier eating options. Your store could fill the market gap by offering the best-quality blenders. Avoid replicas, though. And look out for previous reviews, choosing to sell the products that have been reviewed positively in the past. 

3. Strapless Backless Bra

niche Products for Dropshipping

You could never go wrong selling the best of strapless, backless bras for women. Men might not get this, but there are numerous factors that determine the dresses and tops women buy and wear, and at the top of that list is whether they have the right bra for the dress or not.

No woman wishes to have their bra straps seen by the world, and when they opt for the strapless, backless bras that will support their girls throughout the day/ night. So, if you can source for the best of these bras, you will be on your way to some good money.  

4. Neck Phone holder

Even you have to admit that you are tired of holding your phone all the time, all day long. If you are like the rest of smartphone users who now realize that a neck phone holder is pretty cool and not a thing for the senior citizens, then a store that sells the best neck phone holders could be your next big thing.

The demand for phone holders is at its highest. All you need to do is to source high-quality rigid phone holders that will keep your phone in one position. Note that the other big selling point of the phone holders is that their rigidity allows you to do chores with ease since the phone is held in one position.

Look for the ergonomically designed options. You can find the neck phone holder on AliExpress for $8, and the best bit is that you could enjoy profit margins as high as 100%. 

5. Wireless Phone Chargers


The wireless phone charges are everything today, especially if the wireless charger is compatible with most phones (iPhones and Android phones). The biggest fear we carry with us today is having to deal with a dead phone battery.

So, if users can find an online store that provides excellent-quality wireless phone chargers, you will be restocking your site regularly. If you are considering an online store that deals with phone accessories, these chargers will fit right in. Phone Lenses

For people into photography, investment in the best lens for their phone, a lens that offers double magnifications, and the best resolution could be the best decision one could ever make.

And with photography being one of the best business opportunities in this gig economy, the demand for smartphone lenses is at its peak, and you could meet this need by selling the best of phone lenses via your dropshipping business.

If you sell photography gear and accessories or smartphone accessories, you might want to include good quality phone lenses in your products catalog. 

6. Spider Nail Gel

Best Selling


Would you like to be the top dropshipping fashion store that debuts the best-quality spider nail gel?

The uniqueness of this nail polish lies in more than the design of the polish, and it comprises of a high-quality mix of nail paint and glitter. The bottle comes with the gel already pre-mixed.

The best part is that while this Spider Gel is available on AliExpress for $2, you could easily sell it at a price range of $6 to $8, and you could keep all the profit margin. 

7. Face Shield

 Products for Dropshipping

Graffiti artists, bikers, paintball fans, and fashion enthusiasts are looking for the best face shields on the market, and you could be the one to provide the best to them.

Review the needs of your audience and then meet their needs for the best face shields, bandanas, or face masks; and enjoy a good ROI in the process.

8. Eyeshadow Stamp

The eyeshadow stamp is a magical beauty product that allows its users to simply place the paste or the eyeshadow on the eyeshadow stamp, and then you’d have to press the stamp on your eyelid.

Besides its efficient use at home, this eyeshadow stamp is also effective for use by makeup artists, and the best part is that the stamp works easily with just about all types and sizes of eyes. Also, it could be used by more than one person. Doesn’t this product sound like something that would sell out fast on your dropshipping e-store?

Other than dropshipping, the other profitable business model is Amazon FBA.

9. Inflatable Pet Collars

Best Selling Products

Fur baby parents all over the world look for the best pet collars, and the interesting bit is that they always seek the trendiest pieces. Your store could fill the market gap for the best inflatable pet collars.

Note that these trendy inflatable collars are the best accessories for pet travel, although they also come in handy when it comes to the prevention of injuries or for recovery. Your online pet store would easily record a huge boost in sales if you add the inflatable collars to your inventory list.  

10. Posture correction belts

The biggest challenge of our generation, thanks to technology and our fixation on screens, is poor posture.  However, more and more people recognize the harmful effects of poor posture, and they are looking for the best posture correction products.

With correct posture essential for your health and fitness, as well as confidence, the posture correction belts are on high demand. These belts are, therefore, a good dropshipping product, not only for the great profits promised but also because of its health benefits. 

Regarding the profit margins, you can buy the belts at $12/ piece and sell each at $30. People didn’t know that these belts existed in the past, and now that ecommerce stores are selling them, you have a ready market to sell to. 

11. Magnetic charging cable

A magnetic charging cable is the other great product for dropshipping because no one wants to deal with phone charging troubles. However, the winning feature of this magnetic charging cable is that this cable would allow for easy switching between different USBs, including the types C, D, and also the Thunderbolt type cables.

The magnetic cables promise a high ROI and margins of about 100%. There’s an upward trend for the magnetic charging cables, and you could capitalize on that. 

12. Pocket language translators

We live in a world where we are encouraged to collect as many experiences as we can. Tourism in different parts of the world is at its highest possible, but language remains the biggest barrier to tourists.

However, you could end these troubles for travelers all over the world by creating a dropshipping e-store that sells pocket language translators. In addition to their high degree of functionality, these Chinese-made pocket language translators can translate up to 34 languages.

You can order them for $60/ piece on AliExpress and sell them, keeping a good margin at the end of the day. For big sales, add inventory during the holidays.

13. Moon lamp

The moon lamp is a chic décor piece that would look good in your home/ bedroom, especially if you like moon watching. The moon lamp stays on when you need it, and you could also leave it throughout the night because the light emitted is not too much, and it will not affect your sleep.

 Since there are many other people like you, the moon lamp would easily sell if your online store sells home, décor, beauty, and relaxation products.

Whether you sell it on your ecommerce site or your social media shops, you are bound to make a huge kill with the moon lamp, which goes for $12 on AliExpress. You could easily sell the moon lamps at $30 or more, meaning that you get to enjoy a great discount. Moon Lamps come with free shipping. 

14. Mini portable air conditioner

Portable air conditioners sell out so fast in summer. All you need to do is to find the right market for the products, essentially, in countries that experience unbearably warm summers or even countries that experience very hot and humid weather conditions throughout the year.

And if your ecommerce store specializes in travel equipment and gear, this highly portable mini air conditioner would fit right in. This portable air conditioning unit is available for about $30, and you could sell it for about $50, and this means that you get to enjoy a healthy profit margin.

15. Mineral-rich Magnetic Face Mask

The beauty industry is always one of the best niches one could start dropshipping with, especially if you are interested and passionate in the beauty scene, are aware of what’s trendy today, and most importantly, if you can source for the best and the safest beauty products for your audience.

Magnetic masks are the in-thing today, and you could make good money selling these face masks.  These magnetic masks are designed to heal and rejuvenate the skin and the aging cells, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy, smooth, and beautiful.

These masks are also an excellent dropshipping product because your target market is not age-restricted, and you could sell them in any country of your choice. A magnetic face mask costs $19, and you could sell it for $30 or more.


With a good amount of time spent researching products, a deep understanding of the market and the needs of your audience, as well as proper segmentation of the market, you will be able to find great products that are ideal for dropshipping.

The 15 products above are only some of the few great ideas for dropshipping, but you could also target other niches and products. Examples of the other products that you could try include deshedding pet gloves, desktop punching bags, car phone holders, scalp massagers, adjustable pet leash, etc. 

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