Best Niches for Dropshipping 2020

 If you are looking for the best niches for dropshipping in 2020, you will be happy to know that you are in the best place; and we have the best news for you today – we’ll share details of some of the best niches for you to focus on.

But first, it’s important to note that the dropshipping business model has gone through several changes with the past of dropshipping, showing that there has been a big niche transformation from a hobby, upsell, and community niches to brandable and repeat-purchase niches.

These changes didn’t take place overnight, and you will notice that there are a few of these niches expected to make a comeback in 2020. In your search for the best dropshipping niches, you need to ensure that you look at the niches that promise the highest returns.

So, how do you identify the best niches for dropshipping in 2020? And why do you need to identify the best niche to target?

Well, first things first: after building, customizing and optimizing your ecommerce store, placing ads in place, and after you have your SEO strategies in lockdown, you need to make sure that the products you choose to list on your store hold actual promise of returns, For that to happen, you must identify the niche that works.

You don’t want to work with a scenario where the best thing you could do is to sit back and hope that the products selected generate good returns in the niche you’ve chosen. Understanding the importance of choosing a niche means that you will not be forced to cross your fingers and hope for the best.

To ensure that your dropshipping business is based on the right niche, we’ll help you identify some of the best niches you could bet your dropshipping business on. These niches are not just trendy; they are also the most consistent niches.

But how do you identify the best niches to target?

About Niches

Niches for Dropshipping 2020

A niche is, in simple words, the small and the specified section of a market.

The niche market is a lot more like a focused market. If you wish to make the most out of a focused market, then you will have to narrow down the target customer group you have in mind.

Choosing a niche is a lot like market/ audience targeting.

Understanding niche products

In your search for the best dropshipping niche or the products to sell on your store, the first thing you need to settle on is your niche product.

What is it? Your niche product refers to the product that is popular in a specific segment of your target customers within your larger target audience. Often, the niche product is produced in rather small quantities, which is why some of the best niche products include limited edition figurines.

If you feel that you’d like to focus on a niche product, then you cannot rush it, be patient and take time researching this product category, as well as the needs of your audience because by deciding to focus on a small, specific product niche, the stakes are very high, and a misstep could cost you a lot.

Should you settle on a niche or market trends?

Well, why settle on one when you can use both? What we are saying is that you should focus on trends, as well as niches. If you are new to dropshipping, first find your best niche to target – you may have to test a number of products before you opt for one niche. But while at it, don’t go in too deep.

Once you’ve settled on a niche, add the researched best-selling products to your store and start selling. Word of advice: include social media in your search for the best niche because if the niche you settle on doesn’t quite sell on social media, it’s unlikely for it to sell elsewhere, and your efforts will be wasted.

Best Niches for Dropshipping

1. Women’s Fashion and Accessories

 Dropshipping 2020

Shopping is ingrained in women’s DNA. As long as you are selling products that make women look and feel great, then you will be on your way to a successful online business.

You already know that the biggest challenge faced by women (and men) shopping for products online has to do with the fact that the products sold online look nothing like what’s delivered. We’ve all had sizing issues, as well as trouble with fabrics.

So, for your store to stand out and to attract all the positive reviews you are looking for, you must sample the products you will be selling and always make sure that you are working with a reliable supplier.

Other than that, you can create a huge product catalog with products like tops, pants, dresses, jumpsuits, etc. You could also sell shoes or accessories like bags and the now fashionable wide belts (the belts can be worn with the oversized knit sweaters, etc. 

2. Health, Fitness, and Wellness

Dumbbells, Training, Fitness, Gym, Workout, Exercise

You could never go wrong with the health, wellness, and fitness niche because people all over the world, from all walks of life, are often looking for the best ways of improving themselves. Think about it for a moment: how many articles have been written on self-development?

There are thousands of such articles and which are mostly focused on getting more sleep, getting in shape, being more confident, gaining muscle, losing FUPA, etc.

There are endless how-to questions when it comes to health, fitness, and overall wellness, and you could create a dropshipping business that zeros in on one or more categories in health/fitness/wellness. 

Regarding sleep, for example, you could incorporate products like the best mattresses, pillows, duvet, white noise machines, anti-snore machines, melatonin, etc. The other wellness category you could target is swimming, where you could sell products like swimming trunks and bikinis.

The other category you could target has to do with food and portion control, and you could focus on things like the no-detox teas, supplements, and other portion control tools. 

Sound bathing


This is another wellness category you could focus on. According to a report by Harper’s Bazaar, there has been an increase in the number of Google searches for sound bathing by a whopping 300%.

You should, therefore, consider selling the sound bathing products, for example, the Crystal Singing Bowls. The content around this niche/ product category is important, and you want to focus on aspects like how sound bathing works and the best sound bathing products for health benefits.


Besides sound bathing, you could also consider teas as a product niche for you to target.

Teas are super popular and trendy right now, and some would argue that the teas are trendier than coffees, thanks to the health benefits of different teas available on the market today. If you choose to sell dropshipping products in this niche, first focus on the best organic teas. Some of the teas you could sell include matcha tea, which has been shown to boost metabolism, detoxify the body, and also boost your mood, as well as your level of concentration. The other teas in high demand include Rooibos tea, green tea, and herb teas, among others. 

Note that the tea and sound bathing product categories could double as standalone niches/ sub-niches.

3. Men’s Clothing/ Accessories

Business Suit, Business, Man, Professional, Suit


Men today understand all too well the importance of dressing well, they know that will look great on them in different occasions, they have a good sense of style, and besides investing in the best clothes for daily wear, they also invest in the best accessories.

But when you ask them, most men struggle to find sites that meet their fashion and clothing needs. You could fill that gap, though. All you need to do is to create an ecommerce site for dropshipping specializing in the best clothes and accessories for men.

This niche could be very profitable if you are keen on quality, meet sizing requirements, and ensure that you offer durable items that offer great value for money. Some of the products you could sell include tech-friendly fitness wear like quick-dry shirts or workout pants/ tights with hidden pockets.

You could also stock sweat pants and crossbody bags. 

4. Kids and Babies

Brothers, Family, Siblings, Boys, Love, Together, Two

There are so many kids and babies’ stuff you could sell, and since babies are born everywhere all the time, it means that as long as the marketed products are functional and safe, parents will always buy them. But even with this knowledge, you need to make sure that you focus on the right babies and kids’ niches, as well as products.

That said, some of the best products for kids and babies that you could focus on including lightweight gender-neutral nursery décor such as overcoat hooks, photography props, nursery handing pendants, wooden beads, ornaments, etc.

You could also opt for snacking accessories such as milk containers, segmented plates, and lunch boxes, etc. Still, on kids’ items, you could also sell birthday décor and items for kids such as décor for themed parties. 

5. Beauty Niche

Girl, Model, Pink, Fashion, Portrait, Mystic, Woman

Everyone wants to look beautiful, which is why the biggest earners in the beauty and health niche have everything to do with beauty and health. The best product you could sell in your dropshipping store under the beauty and health niche is an antiaging cream.

While everyone ages, no one wishes for the fine lines and the wrinkles associated with aging to show on their skin, which is why there is an upward trend for the best antiaging products.

If you have doubts, you should know that the global outlook on antiaging products predicts that the antiaging market will surpass the $330B mark by the year 2021. Therefore, if you know where to source the best antiaging cream, you may want to start a dropshipping business that sells the best antiaging creams. 

The other trendy products in the beauty and health niche include yoga mats, beard oil, e-cigarettes and vaporizers, yoga leggings, etc. You could also look at deodorants, fragrances, etc.

6. Outdoor sports and backpacking


Adult, Adventure, Backpack, Male, Man, Outdoors, Person

You’d be surprised by the number of people who love the outdoors. While most of the beautiful outdoor spaces remain untouched and undiscovered, there are many people exploring and finding these beautiful environments for fun, education, health, and many other reasons.

Note, however, that regardless of their reasons, these individuals are always looking for the best gear for outdoor use, and you could be the one to fill that gap by offering the best item.

Your dropshipping ecommerce store could stock the best gear for kayaking, hiking, sailing, backpacking, etc. The best products in this niche include waterproof bags, backpacking bags, hiking boots/ shoes, jackets, hammock tents, etc.

7. Going green

Landscape, Boy, Grass, Turtle, Atmosphere, Animal

Think of the things that people need to use on a daily basis, but they may not have immediate access to those items, forcing people to use alternatives which are not safe for the environment.  Insulated bottles and insulated coffee mugs, for example, are excellent products that are in high demand today.

We live in a fast-paced world, and this often means that we need to have food and work done on the go. An insulated bottle that keeps one’s cup of Joe at the perfect temperature throughout the day offers a high level of convenience, unlike any other product.

This could be a great niche for you, and all you need to do is to invest in high-quality products that offer your customers great value for money. The other products you could promote in this category include reusable metal or silicone straws, paper cups, and paper plates, among others.

8. Fitness and workout gear

Healthy, Sport, Fitness, Workout, Gym

The biggest challenge faced by women on the fitness path involves finding the best workout gear, specifically the sports bras. While most brands seem to focus on making the best tights and tops for working out, there are few brands focused on making the best sports bras.

Working with the few brands that sell good sports bras, your ecommerce store for dropshipping would have an inventory of the best workout gear, specifically, great sports bras available in different sizes and designs to match different bodies, as well as lifestyles. 

Start on the right foot with these best selling products for dropshipping.

9. Auto and Phone Accessories

You could save a lot of money on auto expenses if you could access some accessories. There are many accessories that people don’t know they need until they see and use them. So, how about you introduce more convenience to the lives around you by selling functional accessories on your dropshipping site?

Some of the items you sell could be the ones that your customers have seen being used by their friends and others they could only have imagined them. Some of these accessories include wiper blades, which are great for DIY car maintenance, or car phone holders which make driving an effortless and safe experience.

Some of the best phone accessories you could list on your online store include creator tools for TikTok, such as selfie lights, phone holders, phone stands, and wireless phone chargers.

10. Pet care

Friends, Cat And Dog, Cats And Dogs, Pet, Domestic

The pet niche is one of the biggest niches for dropshipping, which means that with the best marketing and the best pet products, you could enjoy great margins from the niche.

Remember that people love pets – don’t we all know of individuals who are on antihistamines and other allergy medications just because they cannot imagine parting ways with their fur-babies?

Well, you could capitalize on this niche to easily earn a good income. Some of the pet care products you could sell include the de-shedding pet gloves, adjustable pet leash, inflatable pet collars, pet car covers, and in Halloween, you could get pet accessories for Halloween.

11. Bed and blankets

Bed, Pillows, Bedroom, Bedding, Comfortable, Sleep

Fall and Winter are the perfect seasons for cozying up, and many shoppers are looking for the best, warmest, cutest, and the snuggliest of blankets and bed products.

You could be the one to make the night ins more interesting by listing the best-quality snuggle blankets, including throw blankets for the couch and even blankets to drape over the bed. Besides the huge variety of colors, this niche promises great returns since there are different designs of blankets, as well as blankets made of different materials.

To get started, be aggressive in marketing and get the best blankets to sell.   

12. Home and kitchen

Kitchen, Interior Design, Room, Home, Interior

Kitchen products might not jump out as the best in dropshipping niches, but if your marketing efforts are great and the pricing even juicier, then you will record good sales. Some of the products you could sell in this niche include healthy smoothie blenders, juicers, dinner sets, cookware sets, cutlery sets, etc. 

13. Home and garden

Pathway, Path, Pink Tulips, Tulips, Spring, Springtime

The possibilities are endless in this niche, and you could create a huge or a slim inventory list that includes different items that fall in the home and décor niche.

Some of the products you could sell include home décor pieces, home textiles, wall tapestries, kitchen/dining/bar, housekeeping, garden suppliers, arts and crafts, and bathroom products, etc.

14. Photography

Photography, Studio, Photo Shoot, Photography Equipment

The photography niche could easily be the best niches for you to target, especially if you are passionate about photography.

There is a lot you could offer budding, intermediate, and professional photographers, from high-tech photography gear to phone lenses, which enhance the resolution and the photo quality of the photos taken on the phone’s camera. Besides lenses, the other products you could sell include tripods, camera bags, lens covers, etc. 

15. Jewellery

Beads, Lilac, Fashion, Design, Jewels, Jewelry, Shiny

If you are looking for a dropshipping niche that promises good returns easily, you may want to target the jewelry niche. Jewelry is one of the biggest sellers in the fashion niche. To turn your simple site into one of the most profitable sites, look for unique and high-quality jewelry.

Personalized jewelry are best-sellers in the jewelry/ fashion niche, and you could capitalize on it. The best part is that you can sell jewelry for men and women on your site. Statement jewelry and facial jewelry are also big-sellers. Facial jewelry includes temporary body tattoos and party Rhinestone stickers.

Finally, you could start your dropshipping business in custom niches. Products in the Custom niches include outdoor kitchens, workbenches, stone pavers, CNC machines, and CNC tables, home theater seating, crown molding, billiard tables, and closet organization systems.


At the end of the day, you must focus on finding the most profitable niches, and the only way for you to do this involves a lot of research and being capable of analyzing all the data available to you, then making the most out of the favorable data.

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