Best Ecommerce Niche Ideas

Best Ecommerce Niche Ideas

With the boom of the internet,  many new industries have born. Ecommerce is one of them. E-commerce has changed the lives of many around the globe and opened doors with many opportunities. The most amazing thing is that ecommerce has changed the brick and mortar business to a different dimension.

Amazon, eBay, and other online stores are the result of e-commerce platform. People are changing their lifestyles according to their comfort and they love to purchase their needs by just clicking a button.

Ecommerce has become an easy business model that anyone can start. And  Dropshipping became one of the most popular amongst all, as you can start dropshipping with very minimum investment. According to Statista in 2019 online retail sales have recorded a 365.2 Billion Dollars. And by 2024 it’s expected to reach 600 Billion dollars. That shows there is a space for e-commerce opportunities.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a group of people who get together for passion or a problem.

If you are someone who is looking to enter the niche business ideas then you have to choose the correct niche that matches you the most. Choosing a niche is the first and the most important part when you are planning an e-commerce business. Because it affects product selection, marketing and etc,

In this post, I will show you the best ecommerce niche ideas. When we talk about Niche there are main niches and sub-niches. Finding a sub-niche is the most successful way to start. I created this post based on sub-niches and I used google trends, social data, and my experience to create this list. If you are looking for commerce ideas to make money this, Keep reading, you are on the right post.

10 Best Ecommerce Niche Ideas

1.Kids makeup

This is a sub-niche of the beauty niche. People are looking for kids makeup on google, amazon and online stores as well. In this niche, your target audience should be parents who have daughters from age 12-18 years.

You can sell makeup sets, bags, and accessories in this niche,.There are e-commerce stores that are selling the products in this niche. Now let’s have a look at some of the data,

best ecommerce niche ideas


Trend has maintained an average between 25-50 in the United States market.


best ecommerce niche ideas

Keyword KIdsmakeup has a 39,000+ global search volume.




Bikepacking is a combination of hobby and sport niche. This niche has a  good potential.

I would like to consider this niche as a global niche where you can sell the products globally. There are backpacking fan communities, magazines available for you to target your ads. If you are thinking about dropshipping then you definitely have enough products in Aliexpress as well.

Specially bikepacking communities spread around the world and it shows a flawless trend over the year.

best ecommerce niche ideas


3.OWB Holster

OWB stands for “Outside the Waist Band.”

This niche is so popular in the United States and it has competent trend data within one year. Holster products are selling on Amazon,eBay and also in other eCommerce stores as well.

When I talk about the audience I see mainly men who are from age 25 years and above. To find the suppliers for these products you can check Ali express. There are holsters starting from $5 and you can sell them for an average price of $40 depending on the quality.

In the United States alone, it has an average of 3600 search volume.I believe that is a good search volume, to run a good business.

best ecommerce niche ideas




Please note that OWB Holsters belongs to weapons and you might not be eligible for promoting the products on Facebook.


4.BBQ Equipments

This is not a fresh trend, however, it has a huge potential that you can sell many of these products. Some of the products have a very good demand on the internet. Here are some of the products that you can start selling under this niche.

  • smores sticks,
  • grilling baskets,
  • Heat resistant BBG gloves
  • Grill pan

BBQ niche has a fine demand on  Amazon and eBay. Also, you can find many product sources from Ali express as well for your store if you are looking for Shopify dropshipping,

Here is the product trend about one of the products called “smores sticks”

best ecommerce niche ideas

Smores sticks is just one product in this niche. You can use google trends and search the other product trends as well.


5.shirtwaist dress

This can be considered as a sub-niche of women fashion. Shirtwaist dress has a long history and another name for shirtwaist dress is women’s blouses.(old name) This can be one of the innovative ecommerce ideas if you know about designing.

If you are someone who is interested in the fashion niche this will be a great scheme to start with. But I would love to warn you that you must do your market research before you enter the fashion and beauty niches. Especially you have to give more concern about competitors. According to competitors, you have to find the USP (unique selling proposition). The reason being the fashion industry is highly competitive where all the giant brands are competing with each other.

But if you can find a way to enter this sub-niche you will definitely earn a splendid demand,.


best ecommerce niche ideas

The above data shows the last 12 months worldwide trend. Especially this product has a demand only in the United States and the United Kingdom only.

The United States has a 3600 search volume per month. Whereas the United  Kingdom has only a 1000 search volume per month.


6.Plant Stands

In my best ecommerce niche ideas list next e-commerce niche is plant stands,

This is a sub-niche of gardening. But due to the high demand for plant stands major brands like Amazon, Ikea, Wayfair, and Walmart have begun to sell them.

If you want to start your e-commerce store around this niche, there are many varieties of stands you can sell. Here are a few product types

  • Bamboo plant stand
  • leaning ladder stand
  • Poleplant stand
  • Wooden plant stand
  • iron plant stand

Plant stands niche has an average global search volume of  162,000 per month. The United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada have the largest searches.

Have a look at the google data trend relate to this niche


best ecommerce niche ideas

Above google trend data shows how the plant stands on the trend for the last 12 months. trailer

This is a sub-niche of the biking niche and untouched niche market.But this is not a product that can be dropshipped from Ali express because of the size of the item.  Transporting of this item can be an issue. Therefore, find a local supplier for this product and start selling.

In this niche, there are bike trailers for kids as well. The best about this niche is this also has very good search volume.

Bike trailer- 90,500 global search volume per month

Kids bike trailer -33.100 global search volume per month

The above data of search volume indicates the high demand in those products and there are many products that you can sell around this niche.

best ecommerce niche ideas

According to the above-trend data, most of the bike trailers have more demand in Canada, Australia, United States, and the United Kingdom. For the ads, you can target bike brands, biking magazines, Hobby, etc….





Outdoor is a huge niche that has a variety of products available. There are hundreds of e-commerce stores available around this niche. Still, there is plenty of product demand in this niche that you can start your commerce store and dominate the market. And Outdoor products are one of the top-selling products online.

I have found some outdoor products in demand and I believe those will open doors of opportunity for you. One of the most demanding products is Hammock. Let’s look at the hammock global search volumes from google.

Best hammock -6600 per month

Outdoor hammock -6,600 per month

Standing hammock -960 per month

And not only hammocks but there are hundreds of other products available in this niche. But if you want to start your hammock store as a sub-niche there is good potential as well.

Look at the trend data of  Hammock. It’s a super demanding product in the United States, Norway, and Sweden.

best ecommerce niche ideas


9.paddle boards

This is yet another popular leisure sport in the world. It has a great demand in the western countries. Paddleboards are selling online on Amazon and other e-commerce stores as well.

To find the best audience for paddleboards you can target your ads on paddleboards magazines and fan pages as well.

With the paddleboard, you can sell a variety of products including sub paddles, fins, water shoes, rash guards, etc…

Paddleboards are large items and long shipping can be challenging. It’s a wise idea to find a supplier locally and start your business.


Now let’s look  at the trend data around the world

best ecommerce niche ideas

According to the above google trend image , Paddleboards has had a very clear trend for the last 12 months. It shows more demand in New Zealand. Australia, Canada, and the United States.

The next attention is search volumes.  Paddleboards has 79,000 global search volume per month. And there are many keywords around this topic that you can look at and start your PPC campaigns.



This is a niche that never goes out of demand, And there are thousands of products that you can sell all around the year and it reaches the peak of the trend in festival seasons like Christmas.

Important in this niche is that you have to have an idea about the toys that can go trending from time to time. When I did my research on this niche, the trending toy I noticed was a Water table for kids. This toy has very good demand and Amazon and other toy stores are selling this product. The same product is listed in Aliexpress in a different variation that you can add to your store and start selling. It’s one of the possible dropshipping niches.

Let me show you some data about the water tables.

best ecommerce niche ideas

Water tables have a striking demand in the United States, Canada, and Australia.


I hope the above listed 10 best eCommerce niche ideas can help to understand the e-commerce niches and how to identify them as well.

All the above niche research and market research is done based on trends and popularity. If you are interested in any niche, make sure to do more research about the niche and products as well. That will give you more clarity and understand how to plan your marketing campaign.

Thank you for reading the best ecommerce niche ideas!



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